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Business Plans API

The UK Government releases data on progress with Structural Reform Plan commitments via an Application Programming Interface (API), so developers and other interested parties can interact in a programmatic way with the underlying data. This document is the official reference for that functionality; from time to time it may be updated with new functionality methods, updated instructions, examples and terms and conditions of use.

Rate Limit

We do not limit the number of requests but we do monitor all requests. We may impede requests from certain IPs if they impact the availability of the core services. We strongly advise users to cache as much as possible to help maintain a healthy system.


API underlying data is cached for up to 30 minutes and it is therefore unnecessary to carry out requests at shorter intervals.

HTTP response code

All JSON and XML format will carry an HTTP Response Status Code. This follows the W3C HTTP Status Code Definition. Response Status Codes 403, 500 and 503 are used to denote errors, a problem with the request format or invalid function, or an unknown error. Almost all status codes other than 200 are returned with a descriptive text.


Please do not include any Cabinet Office or No 10 branding in your application or give the impression that the resulting application is an official product.

Service and Support

No support or SLA is provided with the API.

API Technical overview

The Business Plan API is controlled via GET HTTP requests only and with varying parameters.

The API is based on JSON by default but an XML version is available by providing a format request.

A basic example of a request would be:{objects}



The API structures data as follows::

  • A Government Department's Coalition Priorities
  • The mid-level groupings of actions and the bottom-level, specific actions under each priority


Departments - list all departments

Resource Url







Departments - get a department

Resource Url{id}


Parameters Info
id (required) Identifier of the Department


Example - with XML output

Priorities - get a Departmental Priorities

Resource Url{department_id}


Parameters Info
department_id (required) Identifier of the department


Actions - get mid-level groupings of actions and specific actions within a Coalition Priority

Resource Url{priority_id}


Parameters Info
priority_id (required) Identifier of the Priority Id (which can be found by listing Departmental Priorities)