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Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Headquarters:

  • sets the strategic direction for the organisation and the framework for delivering change;
  • develops and deliver policies, practices and procedures to strengthen the prosecution process;
  • deliver corporate services such as improved IT and other common services;
  • manages the delivery of major change initiatives on behalf of Areas;
  • leads on equality and diversity issues for the organisation as a whole; and
  • provides administrative support to Areas and Specialist Casework.

These functions are delivered through the following directorates and divisions:

  • Business Information Systems and Finance led by Paul Staff
  • Communication led by Joanna Millington
  • Public Accountability and Inclusion
  • Human Resources led by Mark Summerfield
  • Private Office led by Helen Kershaw
  • Operations led by Jim Brisbane
  • Strategy and Policy led by Matthew McGonagle

Headquarters' structure

Image of Organisation chart for CPS Headquarters - text version above

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