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Information for children

Millie's story

The Crime

Millie saw someone doing something wrong.

Call the police

Millie told her mum, who telephoned the police.

Telling the police what she saw

A police officer came and Millie told her what she had seen.

The police officer asked mum if Millie needed extra help when telling the court what she saw.

Sometimes the court can give extra help on the day you go to court. You might be able to talk to the court from another room.

Making a DVD

Soon after that, Millie went to the police station with her mum to make a DVD telling them what she saw.

Millie's mum was in the room next door when Millie made her DVD.

The Prosecutor.

The police caught the person Millie saw.

The Crown Prosecution Service prosecutor looked at Millie's DVD and decided Millie should tell people in court what she saw.

The Court

Millie now has to go to court to say what she saw.

Before that, the witness care officer arranged for Millie to look around the court.

There were some friendly people at court who showed Millie where she would sit and told her what would happen.

Refreshing her Memory

Before she goes to court, Millie watches the DVD that she has made with the police officer so she can remember what she said.

The Waiting Room

Millie will wait in the waiting room.

The Speaking Room

Millie will go into a special room with a TV set and a camera to talk to people in court.

Meeting the Prosecutor

The prosecutor is the person who tells the court what happened. The prosecutor will say ‘hello' to Millie and her mum before the court starts.

Millie's DVD in the Crown and Magistrates Courts

Millie's DVD will be shown to the people in court. She will then be asked questions about it.

The Live-Link Room

Millie's DVD tells the people in court what happened.

Millie knows that some people will ask her questions about what happened.

The court makes sure that Millie understands the questions.

Thank you, Millie

Everyone said "thank you" to Millie.

Mum was very proud of Millie.

Keeping Informed with the Trial

As promised, the witness care officer told mum what had happened to the man Millie saw.