Guidance Print Flood resilience and flood resistance

What needs to be considered in the use of appropriate flood resilience and resistance measures?

Paragraph: 060 Reference ID: 7-060-20140306

The first preference should be to avoid flood risk. Where it is not possible, a building and its surrounds (at site level) may be constructed to avoid it being flooded (e.g. by raising it above the design flood level).

Since any flood management measures only manage the risk of flooding rather than remove it, flood resistance and flood resilience may need to be incorporated into the design of buildings and other infrastructure behind flood defence systems. Resistance and resilience measures are unlikely to be suitable as the only mitigation measure to manage flood risk, but they may be suitable in some circumstances, such as:

  • water-compatible and less vulnerable uses where temporary disruption is acceptable and an appropriate flood warning is provided;
  • in some instances where the use of an existing building is to be changed and it can be demonstrated that no other measure is practicable;
  • as a measure to manage residual flood risk.

Further information on flood resilience and resistance is available as part of the development and flood risk advice on the Environment Agency’s website .

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