Guidance Print Flood Risk and Coastal Change

How the local planning authority should involve the lead local flood authority when determining planning applications, and what advice should be given about local flood risks

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What are the responsibilities of lead local flood authorities and how can they assist local planning authorities in considering planning applications?

Information about the responsibilities of lead local flood authorities and guidance on securing compatibility between Local Plans and local flood risk management strategies can be found here.

Having regard to the available information on local flood risks, including the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and the updated map of flood risk from surface water available on the Environment Agency’s web site, local planning authorities may find it helpful to agree with lead local flood authorities the circumstances and locations where lead local flood authority advice should be sought about a planning application which raises surface water or other local flood risk issues.

Where surface water or other local flood risks are likely to significantly affect a proposed development site, early discussions between the planning authority and the developer will help to identify the flood risk issues that the authority would expect to see addressed in the planning application and accompanying site-specific flood risk assessment.

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