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Search for an appeal

You can use this facility to find an appeal which has been accepted as valid.

The quickest way to search is to enter the final part of the appeal reference, e.g.:


Where the final part of the appeal reference begins with a ‘2’ (for example 2123456), or you do not know the appeal reference number, please use this search facility.

Where the final part of the appeal reference begins with a ‘3’ (for example 3123456), please use this search facility.

Both search facilities allow you to search using other criteria (such as site address). If you are unsure, contact the Customer Support Team. Tel: 0303 444 5000.  Email:

Once you have located the appeal, you are able to view selected details about the case and view any documents published to the case, including the decision once made.  Please be aware that we do not routinely publish all documents.  Where they aren’t available, you should be able to view them at the offices of the relevant local authority dealing with the appeal, and sometimes, the local authority may also have published them on their own website.  We recommend using Adobe Reader 9 or higher to view PDF documents.

For decisions that are older than 5 years, please contact the relevant local authority.

Called in planning applications (Secretary of State decisions) and the associated Inspectors Reports are supplied by the Department for Communities and Local Government.  You can also visit that site to view decisions and Inspectors Reports for recovered appeals.