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Determinations & Appeals

Determinations and appeals are two procedures which provide for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government or the Welsh Ministers in the Welsh Assembly Government, as appropriate, to adjudicate in disputes between people carrying out building work subject to the Building Regulations and a building control body (i.e. either a local authority or a private sector approved inspector).

Determinations & Appeals - more information

The purpose of and procedures for determinations and appeals are distinctly different and it is important if you are contemplating using them to have a clear understanding of each.

A Guide to Determinations and Appeals

Download a good practice guide to Determinations and Appeals procedures.


Where the local authority or approved inspector says that your plans do not comply with the Building Regulations but you believe they do, the Building Act 1984 provides a specific procedure to resolve this for you. This is known as a determination.


The Building Act 1984 gives the power to a local authority to relax or dispense with a particular requirement in Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations.