GCSE Reform Consultation – June 2013

This consultation is about the regulatory aspects of proposed changes to GCSEs taken by students in England.

A parallel consultation on curriculum content for the reformed qualifications has been launched by the Department for Education, reflecting the proposed new National Curriculum. The consultation can be found here.

Consultation Results

(These documents at these links will be available on 1st November 2013)

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Alternatively you can download a copy of the consultation document in PDF format. [PDF, 791KB]

There is also a version in Word format. [DOC, 3.03MB]

If you would like to complete the consultation questions offline, there is a
'questions only' version in Word format that you can fill in and send back to us. [DOC, 2.11 MB]

This consultation is supported by the following reports which are only available in a downloadable format:

Annex 2 – GCSE Reform Equality Analysis: Literature Review [PDF, 585KB]

Our externally-written GCSE Reform Equality Analysis Literature Review (Annex 2) contains the following statement on page 10: 'Although young people are not required to fast, particularly if there is a conflict with education commitments, some do in order to join in with the family and wider community.' We have reviewed this statement in light of comments and confirm that in this context 'young people' refers to pre-pubescent Muslim children. Older children are more likely to fast. We will take this into account when we complete our equality impact analysis and consider the potential impact of our proposals for new GCSEs on people with the range of protected characteristics.

Annex 3 – Technical Paper on Grading [PDF, 354KB]

Annex 4 – Technical Paper on Tiering [PDF, 324KB]

Review of Controlled Assessment in GCSEs [PDF, 696KB]

How to respond to this consultation

The deadline for responses to this consultation was 17.00 on 3rd September 2013 and you cannot now respond.


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