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GDC Investigation 2014

Last updated on : Tuesday, May 27, 2014 8:32 AMAuthor : Professional Standards Authority

Following concerns raised with us by a whistleblower about the management and support processes of the General Dental Council’s Investigating Committee, we have decided to carry out an investigation.

The matters to be investigated are:

  1. The GDC’s:
    a) management of the processes and support for its investigating committees which post-dates the publication of our Investigation report ‘An investigation into concerns raised by the former Chair of the General Dental Council (February 2013)’
    b) response to the recommendation contained within our report, which was
    to review the processes and support that it has in place for its
    investigating committees, including the arrangements for gathering and
    monitoring feedback received.
  2. The adequacy of the GDC’s whistleblowing policy and the operation of this
    policy as evidenced by:
    a) its response to a disclosure by a whistleblower about the GDC’s management of the processes and support of the Investigating Committee
    b) its management of a complaint by the whistleblower of detrimental treatment because of their disclosure.

We will provide our investigation report to the Health Select Committee and publish it on our website in due course.

We will be making no further comment on the investigation while it takes place.