Justice and Security

Responses to the Consultation

Below are the submissions for which authorisation to publish has been granted. In the interests of ensuring maximum transparency, the Government is making every effort to secure consent to publish all the responses in full, subject only to necessary redactions in the interests of national security or data protection. However in this consultation, as in any public consultation, responses may be submitted in confidence and the Government is bound to respect that confidence. The Government also, of course, has to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.  Where consent to publish a response is not forthcoming, we have also seeking consent nonetheless to disclose at the very least the identity of the respondent.

Of the 6 submissions yet to be published on this website, the Justice & Security team have contacted all of the respondents, seeking their authorisation to publish. Of these, 4 are individual members of the public and 2 are private companies. An anonymised summary of these 6 responses can be found here.

1. Iain Thomas Wolkowski
2. Andy Smith
3. John Hemming MP
4. James Greenwood
5. Investigatory Powers Tribunal
6. Intelligence and Security Committee
7. Intelligence Services Commissioner
8. Reprieve
9. Special Advocates
10. Raymond Deans
11. Roshan Lal
12. John Hall
13. ADM Shine Technologies
14. Clive Walker – University of Leeds
15. Coroner’s Society of England and Wales
16. Constitutional and Administrative Law Bar Association
17. Hugh Bochel, Andrew Defty, Jane Kirkpatrick – University of Lincoln
18. Association of Police Lawyers
19. Newspaper Society
21. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers
22. Criminal Bar Association
23. Public Interest Lawyers
24. Lawrence McNamara – University of Reading
26. Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law
27. Law Reform Committee
28. Liberty
29. Discrimination Law Association
30. Interception of Communications Commissioner
31. Stephen P. Walker
32. Robert Bromley
33. Jenny Payne
34. Emma Carrington
35. G.A. Gerrard
36. Helen Wood
37. ACPO Crime Business Area
38. David Knopfler
39. Alice Richardson
40. Tim Wakeford
41. Paul Foreman
42. Edward F. Bates
43. Jim Keys
44. Paul Benjamin Troop
45. Ashley Gray
46. Ronald Barry Bishop
48. Matthew Long
49. John Kissane
50. David Pybus
51. Peter Gill – University of Liverpool
52. Police Action Lawyers
53. British Irish Rights Watch
54. Amnesty International UK
55. Employment Lawyers Association
56. Employment Tribunals
57. Guardian News & Media
58. Equality and Human Rights Commission
59. Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
60. Lord Carlile of Berriew CBE QC
61. Northamptonshire Police Constabulary
62. Wiltshire Police Constabulary
63. The Senators of the College of Justice
64. Police Service Northern Ireland
65. Majid Akram
66. SOCA
67. Committee on the Administration of Justice
68. Cambridgeshire Police Constabulary
69. Special Advocates – Part 2
70. David Blunket MP
71. David Ford MLA
72. Malcolm Bush
73. Public Accounts Committee
74. Foreign Affairs Committee
75. A Toth
76. Police Federation of England and Wales
77. ACPO Scotland
78. Albert Trecht
79. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary
80. Lancashire Police Constabulary
81. Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate and The Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit
82. Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland
83. Metropolitan Police
84. Hudo Elmi

 Joint Committee on Human Rights

The Human Rights Implications of the Justice and Security Green Paper

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Justice and Security Green Paper: Written Evidence 

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Research institutions 

Reading University – The Government’s Green Paper on Justice and Security

“The resources {..} bring together the background to the Green Paper, consultations and reviews, commentary and analysis, and some of the circumstances in which the new legislation might apply” – © University of Reading



These submissions are third party information which is published in full. For further details, please see the terms and conditions for the Justice and Security Consultation website.  We are not responsible for the content or reliability of these submissions and the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government.  Likewise, we are not responsible for the content or reliability of any external website we link to and do not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them.