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Business Plans: track progress in implementing our policies

These are the Government’s Business Plans for each department. They set out:

  • Coalition Priorities
  • Key policy and implementation actions for the remainder of this Parliament
  • Expenditure for each remaining year of this Spending Review period
  • Other departmental data, including an organogram, input and impact indicators and a section on Open Data.

You can use this site to track the Government’s progress in implementing the actions set out in the Business Plans. The graphs provide an overview of implementation progress across the full set of actions.

Click on a department to see its Business Plan commitments in full and their current status.

Current status of actions

Actions completed on time

Actions completed last month

Cabinet Office
5.3.vii. Introduce the Friends and Family Test in the National Citizen Service
Cabinet Office
4.6.iii. Expand the City Deals model beyond England by delivering the Glasgow City Deal, in partnership with the Scottish Government
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
3.2.iii. Support the Scottish Government to hold a successful Commonwealth Games in 2014
Department for Work and Pensions
4.3.ii. Raise awareness about automatic enrolment via a communications campaign to help people make proper provision for their retirement
Department of Energy and Climate Change
2.3.iii. Use data matching to inform energy companies which of their customers is in receipt of a subset of pension credit, and so must receive an energy bill discount under the Warm Home Discount scheme

Actions to be completed this month

Cabinet Office
4.5.ii. Work with the Scotland Office and Scottish Government to facilitate a legal, fair and decisive referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
3.14.vii. Ensure scheme is communicated effectively
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
3.7.v. Publish Lord Young review into Enterprise for All
Department for Communities and Local Government
1.2.i. Deliver the Department’s commitments within wave 1 City Deals
Department for Culture, Media and Sport Complete the Feasibility Phases for pilots to market test innovative solutions to deliver superfast broadband services to the most difficult to reach areas of the UK
Department for Education
2.1.ii. Ensure maintained schools start to teach the new national curriculum
Department for Education
2.4.ii. Reform A levels to increase the involvement of universities in the design and development of the qualifications
Department for Education
4.4.ii. Introduce level 3 early years educators qualifications
Department for Education
5.4.i. Enable the creation of childminder agencies to improve support for childminders and choice for parents
Department for Education
5.4.ii. Reform the regulatory framework to enable schools to make provision for children from age two
Department for Education
6.1.i. Test the proposals in the SEN green paper through local pathfinders (single assessment, access to specialist expertise and engagement of children, young people and their parents and families, improve choice and control through the use of personal budgets and direct payments)
Department for Education
6.1.iii. Reform provision for children and young people with SEN and expand parental choice and control
Department for Education
6.4.iii. Provide funding to increase capacity in school kitchens and eating areas, and to cover recurrent costs to enable schools and colleges to meet the new requirements to offer free meals from September 2014
Department for Education
1.1.v. Assess the seventh round of free school applications and announce those approved – these schools will open from 2015 onward
Department for Education
5.1.iii. Consult on and introduce new statutory guidance on delivery of Government funded early education
Department for Education
5.1.iv. Deliver the extension to the entitlement to Government-funded early education for eligible two year olds
Department for International Development
1.5.i. Establish a taskforce on higher education to investigate opportunities for development interventions
Department for Transport
4.1.iii. Agree and implement deals on the transport elements of the Cities agenda with the core cities (Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield)
Department of Health
1.4.ii. Launch Phase 2 of the CASHH fund in 2014, including private market involvement alongside developing more affordable homes for people with long term mental health problems
Department of Health
4.1.iv. Working with the Care Quality Commission, Monitor and partners, develop and implement a single failure regime for quality and finance
Her Majesty's Treasury
2.12.i. Deliver the Scotland analysis programme, to inform the debate in Scotland and support Ministers in making the case for the UK
Her Majesty's Treasury
2.8.xi. Review extending the rural fuel discount scheme to remote mainland communities
Home Office
4.4.i. Support the emergency services to implement the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme
Ministry of Defence
1.7.xiii. Receive first A400M aircraft
Ministry of Justice
6.1.v. Commence new competed crime contracts, subject to consultation outcome