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Care Act 2014: How should local authorities deliver the care and support reforms? Please give us your views

Transition to adult care and support

The Care Act allows for ‘transition assessments’ to take place under the adult statute in advance of a young person’s 18th birthday. The intention is to provide young people and their families with information and advice so that they know what to expect in the future and can prepare for adulthood.

The Act also requires local authorities to continue children’s services until an adult needs or carer’s assessment has taken place, and a decision has been reached about the young person’s care and support. This ensures that there is no gap in provision of care and support when people move from children’s to adult social care.

    The draft guidance on transition to adult care and support covers:

  • when a transition assessment must be carried out, for young people, young carers and carers of children
  • features of a transition assessment
  • the importance of cooperation between professionals and organisations
  • provision of age-appropriate local services and resources
  • what happens after the young person in question turns 18

Read Factsheet 11: transition for children to adult care and support services

The draft Care and Support (Children’s Carers) Regulations 2014, cover:

  • local authorities’ power to meet child’s carers’ needs

Instead of specifying an age, the Act states that the assessment must take place for young people who are likely to have needs for care and support after becoming 18, and when there is ‘significant benefit’ to the child in having an assessment. This recognises that circumstances are different for every young person.

There has been some concern that the term ‘significant benefit’ could be misinterpreted by local authorities to be in relation to the level of need, rather than the timing of the assessment. Through the guidance, we have sought to make as clear as possible that significant benefit is a reference to the timing of the assessment, and used a case study to further illustrate this.

Question 58: Are the descriptions in the guidance of people’s rights to transition assessments and continuity of care beyond 18 sufficiently clear?

Read: guidance on transition to adult care and support The Care and Support (Children’s Carers) Regulations 2014 Back to transition to adult care and support

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