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Moving beyond the individual to influence behaviour »

A new user guide provides an introduction to the Individual, Social and Material approach to behaviour change for policy makers and practitioners whose work ultimately aims at engaging people and influencing their behaviours.

Scotland round-up: sustainability reporting, biodiversity, networking, adaptation, green arts, resource efficiency »

Sustainable development news public bodies in Scotland: sustainability reporting; protecting biodiversity; public sector network; adapting to climate change, greening the arts, resource efficiency.

Scotland becomes a Fair Trade Nation »

Scotland has achieved Fair Trade Nation status, just the second country in the world to do so, having demonstrated a lasting impact to reduce poverty, improve the lives of people around the world, and help them to access their rights.

Scotland’s local authorities make progress on climate change »

The Sustainable Scotland Network reports that Scotland’s local authorities are making progress on climate change, according to the analysis of Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration Year Four Reports.

Reducing Highland Council’s business travel »

A local authority case study being featured at this year’s Sustainable Scotland Network Conference describes how Highland Council has reduced business travel by 27% over four years.

Encouraging communities to engage with local landscapes »

The Sustainable Scotland Network reports on a new web guide, ‘Talking About Our Place’, launched by Scottish Natural Heritage to encourage communities to get involved in the future of their landscape.

Scottish local authority climate change mitigation and adaptation activity »

Sustainable Scotland Network reports on new analyses of Scottish local authority climate change mitigation and adaptation activity for 2010-11, drawing on information from reports on Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration.

Environmental Indicators Framework for Scotland »

An Environmental Indicators Framework for Scotland has been published by the Improvement Service - supporting Scottish local government and its partners to deliver better outcomes for communities.

Humankind Index for Scotland measures prosperity beyond GDP »

Results from Oxfam's Humankind Index for Scotland project - aiming to assess Scotland’s prosperity through a multi-dimensional measure of prosperity - reveal that local measures are more important to people than the economy.

Scottish competition for app to help businesses go green »

The Scottish Government, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, SSE and Microsoft have jointly launched a national competition for developers to produce a mobile app that will assist Scottish SMEs in reducing their carbon emissions.