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Green game-changers: insights for mainstreaming business innovation »

After 2011's review of small-scale innovation for a green economy, a new edition of WWF's Green Game-changers report highlights examples of innovation for sustainability in big business.

Towards a One Planet Olympics revisited »

Examining London 2012's success in meeting the commitments of its sustainability strategy, Towards A One Planet Olympics, WWF-UK and BioRegional find London 2012 has succeeded in being the most sustainable Games yet.

Global challenges and the world’s story: WWF Living Planet Report and Earth Book »

WWF Living Planet Report 2012 highlights global challenges ahead of Rio+20 with demand for resources threatening biodiversity and our future security and well-being; all are invited to contribute to WWF’s Earth Book.

New campaign urges Scotland to go greener together »

The Sustainable Scotland Network reports on a new campaign from the Scottish Government that seeks to empower everyone to go 'greener together' and play their part in creating a greener, cleaner Scotland.

Durban conference agrees roadmap to legally binding climate deal »

The 2011 UN climate talks in Durban ended with a decision to extend the Kyoto Protocol through a second commitment period, in return for a roadmap to a global legal agreement covering all parties for the first time.

Green game-changers: innovations to inspire business transformation »

WWF's collection of case studies from around the world demonstrate how businesses and entrepreneurs are responding to environmental challenges with innovation and transformation.

The Natural Change Project: embedding sustainability in education »

WWF Scotland's 2010/11 Natural Change project worked with people in positions of influence in Scotland's education sector to develop leadership and social action for an ecologically sustainable future.

Publications round-up: water recommendations; understanding behaviour; greener York »

The SDRN highlights new research publications in sustainable development: recommendations on water management; understanding behaviour to facilitate more sustainable lifestyles; the York Green Challenge.

Publications round-up: wellbeing and nature; less flying; understanding society »

The SDRN highlights new research publications in sustainable development: personal wellbeing and interactions with nature; less (flying) is more for business; first findings from Understanding Society study of 40,000 households.

Research round-up: putting TEEB into practice; forest certification »

The SDRN highlights new research in sustainable development: putting TEEB into practice - a case study of ecosystem services in the Danube basin; forest certification as a global environmental governance tool.