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Greening Government ICT strategy update »

The UK government has published its second annual report on implementation of the Greening Government ICT strategy, showing good progress on embedding green ICT thinking and processes.

Door to door strategy for cleaner, greener transport »

Transport Minister Norman Baker has launched the Government's new Door to door strategy to improve sustainable transport integration and reduce the barriers to the use of sustainable local transport.

Consulting on a new sustainable development strategy for health and social care »

The NHS Sustainable Development Unit is running a consultation and engagement programme on a new Sustainable Development Strategy for the health, public health and social care system to 2020.

Online events from 2degrees in February »

Online events in February from 2degrees: low carbon technology, climate corps, leading by example, supply chain engagement, solar power, energy data for behaviour change, sustainability strategy, recycling engagement.

Business news round-up: water, strategy, product footprints, green growth, low carbon funding, awards »

Recent sustainable development news from business: toolkits for sustainable water management and sustainable business; forum to tackle environmental footprints; the potential of green business; funding; awards.

Online events from 2degrees in April »

Online events in April from 2degrees: supplier management in the low carbon economy, public procurement for low carbon technology, presenting the sustainability business case, timber regulation, more responsible soy.

Metropolitan Police Service wins awards for environmental work »

The Metropolitan Police Service has recently won several awards for its environmental performance, as it aims to deliver policing through the responsible and sustainable management of all resources.

Biodiversity 2020: a strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services »

Defra's new biodiversity strategy for England builds on the Natural Environment White Paper to set out the strategic direction for policy and priorities for action over the next decade to enhance biodiversity on land and at sea.

Scotland’s economic strategy places new focus on low carbon economy »

The Scottish Government's updated economic strategy, which is intended to provide direction to the public sector, establishes a new strategic priority for a transition to a low carbon economy.

Co-creating resilient communities, organisations and societies »

Andrea Gewessler, director of Change that Matters, argues the need for increased resilience - through diversity and modularity - in facing the interconnected challenges of a currently unsustainable world.