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SDRN conference: sustainability commitments for 2020 »

28 January 2014, BIS Conference Centre, London. This year’s SDRN Annual Conference will consider the UK’s sustainability commitments for 2020 and asks: are we on track? And if not, do we have the tools to get us there?

Publications round-up: sustainable consumption, energy security, community innovations, trade unions »

The SDRN highlights recent publications on sustainable development: sustainable consumption case studies, climate change and energy security, grassroots sustainability innovations, trade unions in the green economy.

Climate change round-up: solutions, legislation, ice-sheets, shale gas, adaptation resource »

The SDRN highlights recent research and publications on climate change: climate change solution case studies, legislation in 33 countries, melting ice-sheets, impact of shale gas, improved online adaptation resource.

Sustainable Development Research Network annual conference »

29 November, London: the SDRN Annual Conference returns, exploring themes such as the changing policy and research landscape; reconciling growth and sustainable development; wellbeing, natural capital and prosperity.

Climate change round-up: CCC chair, uncertainty, international action, Indian attitudes, governance… »

The SDRN highlights recent news and publications on climate change: new chair for CCC; uncertainty in climate science, Australian perspective on international action; Indian attitudes; governance; emissions scenario analysis.

Publications round-up: shipping emissions, cities and climate; EU environmental policy, design and consumerism »

The SDRN highlights recent publications on sustainable development: policy and mitigation of CO2 from shipping; cities and climate impacts; environmental policy in the EU; architecture and design versus consumerism.

Sustainable food round-up: fair food, UK food system, world agriculture, community growing »

The SDRN highlights recent research and publications on sustainable food: consumer power for a fair food future; adaptation and mitigation in UK food system; agricultural outlook; community growing.

Sustainable cities round-up: economy, carbon, air, climate, future cities »

The SDRN highlights recent research and publications on sustainable cities: cities leading green economies, carbon emissions, urban air quality, adaptation to climate change, future cities.

New online case study library of sustainable development initiatives »

SDRN's new library of real world examples of innovative sustainable development initiatives collates evidence in a concise and accessible format for policy-makers, researchers and sustainable development practitioners.

Housing round-up: regenerative design, urban neighbourhoods, building Britain »

The SDRN highlights recent reports on sustainable development and housing: regenerative design and development, sustainable urban neighbourhoods, sustainable growth for the built environment.