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News round-up: Natural Capital Committee, NEA’s international impact, investment in green infrastructure… »

Recent news: Natural Capital Committee chair, NEA's international impact, plastics re-processing, green infrastructure investment, new SDC archive, Spelman speech, new chief scientist, fisheries policy, reducing discards.

Capability building to embed sustainable development in policy making: a personal view »

Minas Jacob re-joined Defra in April 2011 after nearly five years at the Sustainable Development Commission. He gives a personal view on his current lead role on capability building for sustainable development.

The view from the Environmental Audit Committee »

The first of an occasional series of views from the Environmental Audit Committee outlines the committee's remit, how it works, and its scrutiny of the Government's progress on sustainable development and environmental policy.

Reflections from the bonfire – or where we went wrong with sustainable development »

Rebecca Willis, former vice chair of the Sustainable Development Commission, offers her own thoughts on how the lessons of the SDC’s 10 years can inform future work on sustainable development.

Embedding sustainable development inquiry: Government response »

Following the Government's response to the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on embedding sustainable development across Government, Caroline Spelman and Oliver Letwin gave evidence to the committee.

Governing for the future »

In its final report, the Sustainable Development Commission drew on its experience over the last decade to offer help to current and future governments successfully meet the challenge of mainstreaming sustainable development.

The People’s Green Watchdog »

Solitaire Townsend, co-founder and director of Futerra, describes the emerging plans for a People’s Green Watchdog to provide independent scrutiny of government progress on sustainable development.

Publications round-up: ingenuity, values, environmental limits, age »

The SDRN highlights new research publications in sustainable development: how to be ingenious; values for sustainable living; environmental limits and wellbeing; the positive side of ageing; environmental limits for local leaders.

Looking at sustainability and UK food policy »

A new Sustainable Development Commission report reviews progress towards sustainable food policy in the UK over the last decade and looks ahead to the increasing challenges of public health, climate change and oil prices.

Big Sustainability »

The idea of a People's Sustainability Commission to advise, lobby and scrutinise Government was proposed at the recent Big Sustainability Summit of sustainability leaders from across the UK, and has been welcomed by Defra.