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Preventing waste for a more resource efficient economy »

Defra has published Prevention is better than cure, setting out the new Waste Prevention Programme for England and articulating the actions for government and others which together will move us towards reducing waste.

Research round-up: testing indicators, decoupling resources and growth, community networks, warming risks »

Testing indicators of sustainable development, decoupling resource use and economic growth, reducing energy consumption through community knowledge networks, risks and opportunities of alternative options on global warming.

Scotland round-up: sustainability reporting, biodiversity, networking, adaptation, green arts, resource efficiency »

Sustainable development news public bodies in Scotland: sustainability reporting; protecting biodiversity; public sector network; adapting to climate change, greening the arts, resource efficiency.

New initiatives mark anniversary of international standard for sustainable events »

Positive Impact is marking the first anniversary of the International Standard for Event Sustainability Management Systems, ISO 20121, with a series of free webinars and educational materials.

The Circular Economy 100 »

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has launched a new programme, The Circular Economy 100 (CE100), to help businesses aspiring to transition to a circular economy model, in which resources circulate or re-enter the biosphere safely.

Manifesto for a Resource-Efficient Europe »

The European Resource Efficiency Platform has published a manifesto calling on business, labour and civil society leaders to support resource efficiency and the transformation to a circular economy and society.

The new political economy of resources »

Chatham House has reported the findings of a major investigation into the shifting global political economy of key resources (land, water, energy, minerals and food), analysing their inter-linkages in production, use and trade.

Carbon, cost and care: what makes a sustainable care home? »

As a growing aging population means greater demand for residential care, Jerome Baddley considers whether environmentally sustainable care services are possible and even offer cost, health and wellbeing co-benefits.

Green game-changers: insights for mainstreaming business innovation »

After 2011's review of small-scale innovation for a green economy, a new edition of WWF's Green Game-changers report highlights examples of innovation for sustainability in big business.

News round-up: biodiversity indicators, fish, green genius, African farming, resource scarcity, renewables… »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: new biodiversity indicators; reforming fishing policy; award for office; search for Green Genius; technology for African farming; Green Capital, green growth, renewables.