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Greening Government Commitments – second annual report »

The second annual report of progress on the Greening Government Commitments shows government delivering more efficient estates and operations by reducing emissions, waste and water use, and procuring more sustainably.

Greening Government ICT strategy update »

The UK government has published its second annual report on implementation of the Greening Government ICT strategy, showing good progress on embedding green ICT thinking and processes.

Government Progress in Mainstreaming Sustainable Development »

Defra reports on behalf of the Government on achievements towards mainstreaming sustainable development across the operation of its buildings and estates, the goods and services that it buys, and the policies it makes.

MOD works to combat climate change »

Climate Week events provided an opportunity for the MOD to raise awareness about sustainable development and demonstrate its good progress to “green” its operations and procurement and to help combat climate change.

News round-up: Greening Government, sustainable palm oil, Behavioural Bulletin, One Planet Centre »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: progress on Greening Government Commitments, new criterion for sustainable palm oil, recent behavioural science research, new home for One Planet Centre.

Leading by example: progress review »

Progress on the Government's commitment to lead by example on sustainable development, including the Greening Government Commitments, Government Buying Standards and National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme.

Government achieves 13.8% reduction in carbon emissions »

Prime Minister David Cameron announced on 6th July that central Government cut carbon emissions by 13.8% in the year following his May 2010 commitment to a 10% reduction, and promised further and wider reductions.

Greening Government 2011 »

12 October 2011, City of London: the Greening Government 2011 conference and exhibition will examine the progress of the public sector and central Government on sustainable development.

The National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme »

Defra's Sustainable Public Procurement Team introduce the National Sustainable Public Procurement Programme, bringing clarity and consistency to training for sustainable procurement in the public sector.

Government publishes Carbon Plan »

The draft Carbon Plan, a cross-Government action plan on climate change, sets actions and deadlines for the Government to live up to its green ambitions, meet domestic carbon targets and encourage international action.