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Painting the town green to inspire change »

Paul Rainger, curator of Bristol's BIG Green Week (9-17 June) describes the motivation for the festival, which is celebrating the great ideas that are slowly transforming the world we live in to a more sustainable place.

Connect, collaborate, change »

Dr James Taplin, principal sustainability advisor at Forum for the Future, describes the role ICT can play in the transition to a sustainable society, examined in the recent ‘Connect, Collaborate, Change’ report.

Using ICT to create a more sustainable future »

Wednesday, 28 March, 4-5pm: open Forum Network webinar exploring the role of ICT in the transition to a sustainable society in the context of the recent ‘Connect, Collaborate, Change’ report and O2's Think Big Blueprint plan.

Systems shift »

Peter Madden unveils Forum for the Future’s bold new strategy: to transform the complex systems which serve our fundamental needs, such as food, energy and finance, so that they are fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

A sea-change for shipping »

Rupert Fausset of Forum for the Future explains how the shipping industry is moving from a low profile in sustainability terms to recognise that social and environmental responsibility are crucial to its future success.

Six Steps to Significant Change »

Stephanie Draper, Director of Change Strategies at Forum for the Future, introduces the Forum’s Six Steps to Significant Change model for effecting change to a more sustainable operating environment at all levels.

Better together: collaborating for sustainable construction »

Engineers of the 21st Century, a Forum for the Future partnership project on use of sustainable materials in construction, shows collaboration across the supply chain is a powerful approach to sustainable development.

Building a low carbon Britain: never waste a good crisitunity »

Does the financial crisis offer opportunities to approach service delivery in a new way, providing better services with lower carbon emissions? A new study aims to help the public sector respond positively for a low carbon Britain.

What is a sustainable business model? A seven-point plan »

Dr Sally Uren, Deputy Chief Executive at Forum for the Future, discusses how organisations must and can adopt sustainable business models: business as usual simply won't allow us to meet the environmental and social challenges we face.

Insurance central to global agreement on climate change »

Alice Chapple, Director of Sustainable Financial Markets at Forum for the Future, discusses the importance to any viable global agreement on climate change of appropriate insurance in developing countries.