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Green infrastructure as a catalyst for economic growth »

A report commissioned by Defra and Natural England assesses the extent to which green infrastructure acts as a catalyst for economic growth through consideration of logic chains and case studies.

Assessing green infrastructure valuation tools »

Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment, commissioned by Natural England, examines the tools available to value green infrastructure and assesses them against research standards for natural science and economics.

Boosting the economy and improving the environment: Government response to Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report »

The Government has published its response to the Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report, welcoming its recommendations and agreeing on the essential relationship between the economy and the environment.

Payments for Ecosystem Services: best practice guide »

A new best practice guide aims to assist with the design and implementation of Payments for Ecosystem Services schemes, drawing on domestic and international case studies to demonstrate the challenges and solutions.

Realising nature’s value: Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report »

The independent Ecosystem Markets Task Force argues for a new approach to business and nature, integrating the real value of nature into business thinking to maximise opportunities and manage future risks.

Can payment for ecosystem services help safeguard the environment? »

A Rural Economy and Land Use Programme paper investigates the role of payment for ecosystem services in protecting the environment, by applying economic thinking and a market mechanism to natural resources.

UK National Ecosystem Assessment: the next phase »

The follow-on phase of the UK NEA, the first analysis of the economic and social benefits of the UK’s natural environment, is building the evidence base, communicating the messages and informing new initiatives.

Environmental Stewardship and food security »

A new report for Natural England finds that Environmental Stewardship schemes are delivering a range of ecosystem services which benefit the natural environment and in doing so help sustain and develop agricultural productivity.

Ecosystem Markets Task Force call for evidence »

Zoe Hodgson introduces the Ecosystem Markets Task Force, inviting responses to the recent call for evidence to support its work to review the business opportunities to develop goods and services which value and protect the environment.

Biodiversity 2020: a strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services »

Defra's new biodiversity strategy for England builds on the Natural Environment White Paper to set out the strategic direction for policy and priorities for action over the next decade to enhance biodiversity on land and at sea.