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News round-up: Big Society Capital, evidence plans, environment guidance, sustainable fisheries… »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: Big Society Capital, policy evidence plans, environment guidance for business, sustainable fisheries, EU action on climate change, funding environmental projects.

Community Life Survey finds resurgence in volunteering »

The Community Life Survey, commissioned by Cabinet Office, provides statistics on issues key to encouraging social action and empowering communities, including volunteering, charitable giving, community engagement and well-being.

Working with civil society for sustainable development »

Four government departments have published a joint implementation plan for actions to tackle sustainability issues in partnership with civil society, reflecting the Government's commitment to the Big Society.

The People’s Green Watchdog »

Solitaire Townsend, co-founder and director of Futerra, describes the emerging plans for a People’s Green Watchdog to provide independent scrutiny of government progress on sustainable development.

Big Sustainability »

The idea of a People's Sustainability Commission to advise, lobby and scrutinise Government was proposed at the recent Big Sustainability Summit of sustainability leaders from across the UK, and has been welcomed by Defra.

Wellbeing, sustainability and local government »

Laura Stoll and Juliet Michaelson of the New Economics Foundation consider how well-being is linked to sustainability: "there is no point performing well today, if that’s going to lead to societal collapse tomorrow".

Making Sustainable Lives Easier »

A new report from the Sustainable Development Commission assesses how governments can build the necessary incentives and infrastructure to make sustainable choices the easy choices.

Think big, act small »

Writing for WWF-UK, Andrew Ross explains how Change! – an easy-to-use online tool – could provide crucial new information for understanding whether community level projects change people’s behaviour and why.

Food and the Big Society »

Ahead of the Soil Association's 2011 conference on the theme of "Food and the Big Society", policy director Peter Melchett speaks to SD Scene about food, public policy and local communities.

Soil Association Conference 2011: Food and the Big Society »

9-10 February 2011, Manchester: a public debate on how organic food and farming can help combat some major challenges, including climate change, health inequalities, building social cohesion and re-shaping the economy.