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Protecting bees and other pollinators »

Speaking at the Friends of the Earth Bee Summit in June, environment minister Lord de Mauley announced plans for a National Pollinator Strategy to tackle the rapid decline of Britain's bees and other pollinating insects.

News round-up: inspiring sustainable living, Green Deal communities, farming resilience, green growth, clean energy »

Sustainable development news from government and public bodies: London 2012 inspires sustainable living; encouraging community Green Deal proposals; building farming resilience; Green Investment Bank funding; clean energy funding.

20 years of monitoring initiatives in sustainable agriculture »

A new research review from DFID examines 20 years of monitoring initiatives in sustainable agriculture, providing insights and tools to help stakeholders prioritise investments and manage competing development goals.

Sustainable intensification in agriculture »

The Food Climate Research Network and the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food have jointly published a new report entitled Sustainable intensification in agriculture: Navigating a course through competing food system priorities.

Sustainable food round-up: fair food, UK food system, world agriculture, community growing »

The SDRN highlights recent research and publications on sustainable food: consumer power for a fair food future; adaptation and mitigation in UK food system; agricultural outlook; community growing.

Power in agriculture »

The FCRN considers a new study examining where the economic, political and natural resource power currently lies in world agriculture, how that might change in future and what it means to British farmers.

Food security risk index assesses availability and stability of food supplies »

A new evaluation of global food security risks finds the ‘extreme risk’ category dominated by sub-Saharan Africa, with the crisis heightened by the prevalence of poverty, low capacity, failing infrastructure and other man-made factors.

Reforming the Common Agricultural Policy »

29 November 2011, London: examining reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and the impact for UK farmers and rural areas, in the context of proposals to freeze the CAP budget and link 30% of direct payments to ‘greening’ measures.

Online events from 2degrees in September »

Online events over the coming month from 2degrees, an online global community for sustainable business: zero waste; IKEA and sustainability; zero carbon homes; Passivhaus in social housing; engineering; agricultural supply chains.

Water scarcity and footprinting »

In one of a series of articles from ADAS to mark World Water Week, Chris Fawcett of ADAS, looks at the issue of water scarcity and how water footprinting can improve supply chain management and reduce environmental impact.