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Who Might Collaborate With You? »

An edited extract from Working Collaboratively: A Practical Guide to Achieving More helps identify who to work with to achieve sustainable development outcomes, drawing on the example of one of Defra’s catchment based approach pilots.

Unsustainable development »

In an extract from her recent ebook, Sustainability in the Public Sector, Sonja Powell describes the characteristics of unsustainable development, concluding that “the solutions to all the issues raised include government action”.

Promoting sustainable behaviour: what’s the point? »

In an extract from the first chapter of Promoting Sustainable Behaviour, Dr Adam Corner asks how much of a difference changes in individual behaviour can make in the face of global sustainability challenges.

The emergence of sustainable development »

In an extract from Sustainability: A Cultural History, Ulrich Grober traces the evolution of the concept of “sustainable development”, from its emergence in 1980 to Gro Harlem Brundtland’s pervading formulation in her 1987 report.

The Green Economy: a UK success story »

Alastair Harper describes how analysis by Green Alliance has found that the Green Economy is already delivering benefits to the UK economy and argues that we must celebrate its success to further encourage green business.

The changing profile of corporate climate risk »

In the introduction to The Changing Profile of Corporate Climate Change Risk Dr Mark Trexler and Laura Kosloff outline the risk to business of unquestioning reliance on policy and regulation to guide responses to climate change.

Transformational times call for transformational change »

In an edited extract from his forthcoming book, The Nature of Business: Redesigning for resilience, Giles Hutchins explains the urgent need for transformational change in business to make it a force for good.

London 2012 – A sustainable gold medal? »

With the London 2012 Olympic Games underway, Shaun McCarthy, chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, considers whether "the most sustainable Games ever" deserve a gold medal.

The marathon after Rio+20 »

Hannah Ryder, senior economist at DFID, considers the agreement at Rio+20 to develop Sustainable Development Goals and what needs to happen to ensure they're effective in focusing attention on the challenges ahead.

Rio+20: Dig deep, prepare to act and have hope »

Stakeholder Forum's Farooq Ullah reflects on the Rio+20 conference, finding some successes to celebrate - on corporate sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals, stakeholder engagement - but no great leap to the future we want.