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One Planet Sport »

BioRegional's One Planet Sport reports on the relevance of sustainability to sport and how it can be achieved across the three pillars of economics, social justice and safeguarding critical environmental resources.

A manifesto for democracy and sustainability »

The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development, a UK-based charity which works to find ways of equipping democracy to deliver sustainable development, has launched a network and manifesto.

The state of nature »

The State of Nature report, a stock-take of native wildlife undertaken by a partnership of wildlife and research organisations, identifies many and varied threats to the UK's habitats and species, as well as conservation successes.

Is sustainability still possible? »

State of the World 2013 asks whether a society guided by sustainability is even possible, considering how “sustainability” should be measured, how to attain it, and how to prepare for the possibility of falling short.

The Prevention Papers: upstream investment and early action to prevent harm »

Anna Coote discusses the prevention of social, environmental and economic harm through policy-making and practice - the subject of the recent series of Prevention Papers commissioned by nef.

What’s good for the environment is good for us »

Waste Watch's first set of social outcomes from across its 2012 work programme demonstrates how the environmentally focused projects have additionally enabled benefits to the wellbeing of people taking part.

The Sharing Economy »

The Sharing Economy: An overview with special focus on Peer-to-Peer lending is a new report from market research companies Op Opinion and Marke2ing, investigating the future of the emerging ‘collaborative consumption’ business model.

Towering ambitions: bringing sustainable living to high rise homes »

Hannah Kyrke-Smith, policy adviser at Green Alliance, describes the findings of Towering Ambitions, a recent report exploring the difficulties and opportunities for a transformation of high rise housing into sustainable homes.

The National Adaptation Programme: building climate change resilience among vulnerable groups »

Working towards aims of the National Adaptation Programme's health and wellbeing theme, Defra is supporting work across the country to build resilient communities and reduce the impacts of climate change on the socially vulnerable.

Equinox works with mental health and substance misuse service users for climate harm reduction »

Catherine Max describes Equinox's innovative climate harm reduction project to work with mental health and substance misuse service users to build resilience to climate change, contributing to the National Adaptation Programme.