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Green infrastructure as a catalyst for economic growth »

A report commissioned by Defra and Natural England assesses the extent to which green infrastructure acts as a catalyst for economic growth through consideration of logic chains and case studies.

Assessing green infrastructure valuation tools »

Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment, commissioned by Natural England, examines the tools available to value green infrastructure and assesses them against research standards for natural science and economics.

Research round-up: testing indicators, decoupling resources and growth, community networks, warming risks »

Testing indicators of sustainable development, decoupling resource use and economic growth, reducing energy consumption through community knowledge networks, risks and opportunities of alternative options on global warming.

SPLiCE: Sustainable Pathways to Low Carbon Energy »

The SPLiCE research programme will explore the sustainability of different mixes of energy supply and demand options needed to deliver greenhouse gas emissions targets, looking at the impacts of different energy options.

From green food to sustainable consumption »

The Sustainable Consumption Report follows up on Defra's Green Food Project to describe further work on the principles of a healthy and sustainable diet, consumer behaviour, and sustainable consumption and growth.

Would you be happier living in a greener urban area? »

Research from Exeter University explores the relationship between living in greener urban areas and personal wellbeing, and further examines the connections between urban planning and psychological health.

Energy round-up: system change; efficient transport; market reform; North Sea »

The SDRN highlights recent publications and research on energy: popular support for system change; transforming cities through efficient urban transport; electricity market reform; an energy efficient North Sea region.

National Adaptation Programme research round-up »

Research commissioned by Defra to inform development of the National Adaptation Programme, looking at the economics of adaptation and resilience, international threats and opportunities, and other issues.

The macroeconomics of climate change: modelling impacts and the role of adaptation »

A recent report by Vivid Economics for Defra, surveys research on the macroeconomic effects of climate change on advanced economies like the UK, and how adaptation can help to manage these.

Publications round-up: education, environmental monitoring, food policy, low-carbon transport »

The SDRN highlights recent publications on sustainable development, covering education for sustainable development, environmental monitoring in Natural England, food policy and low-carbon land transport.