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Publications round-up: delivering biodiversity, agricultural statistics, environmental impacts, hot cities, behaviour change

Sustainable development publications from government and public bodies: delivering biodiversity; agricultural statistics and climate change; reporting environmental impacts; designing for heatwaves; behaviour change case study.

SD Scene publishes news and comment on sustainable development from across government, business and civil society. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect government policy.

A simple guide to delivering biodiversity 2020 and progress update – July 2013

A simple guide to Biodiversity 2020 and a July 2013 progress update against the four strategic outcomes. Biodiversity 2020 is a national strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services; it was published in summer 2011. It sets out the government’s ambition to halt overall loss of England’s biodiversity by 2020, support healthy well functioning ecosystems and establish coherent ecological networks, with more and better places for nature for the benefit of wildlife and people.
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Agricultural statistics and climate change

This publication brings together existing statistics on English agriculture in order to help inform the understanding of agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Measuring and reporting environmental impacts: guidance for businesses

This guide is designed to help businesses measure and report their environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding and reporting these impacts can help identify ways of improving environmental performance and cutting costs.
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Hot in the city: research published on building and city design

Research published on the importance of designing buildings and cities with an awareness of atmospheric effects to protect us from future heatwaves.
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Behaviour Change – Barts and the London NHS Trust

Operation TLC sought to change staff behaviour through 3 key actions: turn off equipment when not in use, switch off lights and close doors. These simple actions saved £105,000, cut carbon and improved patient experience.
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