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Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker explains the Green Deal

In an interview from Govtoday’s Securing the Future portal, Scott Buckler talks to Climate Change Minister Greg Barker to find out more about how the Green Deal works.

Govtoday’s annual Sustainable Communities conference in November will be addressing progress made by the Green Deal and how the government is tackling fuel poverty. Details will be announced soon.

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The Green Deal is the Coalition Government’s new initiative to transform Britain’s homes. With buildings in Britain among the least efficient in the world, the Green Deal gives homes and businesses a new way of paying for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems. Securing the Future’s Web Editor, Scott Buckler sat down with Energy and Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker to find out more about how the Green Deal works.

Minister, will the Green Deal save consumers and businesses money?

“The Green Deal is a massive opportunity for a wide range of people. Millions of our homes do not have full double-glazing. More than half do not have enough insulation or an efficient condensing boiler. Most do not even have proper heating controls. Homes and businesses across Britain are wasting energy and money, yet demand for energy efficiency measures remains low.

“By giving people the opportunity to pay for highly desirable energy efficient measures, such as double glazing and new heating systems, with the savings on their energy bills the Green Deal is providing a really attractive proposition. All Green Deals will have to pass the “golden rule”, which limits the amount of Green Deal finance that can be offered by a provider to the estimated energy bill savings likely to result from the installation of new measures. This means that customers will get a good deal.

“The Green Deal is also opening up the energy efficiency market, empowering new players, including small and medium sized businesses. The Green Deal initially covers 45 different improvements for domestic and non domestic buildings including insulation, heating, glazing and lighting.”

What guidance is available for consumers and businesses?

“Consumers can call the Energy Saving Advice Service (0300 123 1234) or get online at to find out more.

“Businesses should visit

How will the Green Deal create jobs?

“The Green Deal provides significant new opportunities in the growing green goods and services market which now supports 1 million jobs. The Green Deal itself is expected to support up to 60,000 jobs in the insulation sector alone by 2015.”

How are you ensuring that Green Deal providers are adequately qualified?

“All Green Deal participants are required to be certified and independently accredited to operate under the Green Deal.

“To reduce of risk of fraud and the operation of rogue traders, anyone certified to operate under the Green Deal framework must use the Green Deal quality mark when promoting or carrying out work under the Green Deal.

“The Green Deal Oversight Body will monitor the use of the quality mark. They will carry out spot checks on Green Deal participants, such as site visits or mystery shopping, to ensure compliance to the Code of Practice.”

What are the long-term ambitions for the Green Deal and will we see any similar initiatives?

“The Green Deal has enormous potential – by 2020 it could save British households and businesses 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Over half of the dwelling stock in Great Britain is not properly insulated. Over 7.5m households could benefit from solid wall insulation and around 4m from cavity wall insulation.”

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