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Business news: sustainability for success, green landlords, investing in mitigation, sustainable CFOs, the Crystal

A round-up of recent sustainable development news from business in the UK and around the world.

Companies that invest in sustainability do better financially

Harvard Business Review has published an analysis of corporate sustainability data showing that resource efficient companies — those that use less energy and water and create less waste in generating a unit of revenue — tend to produce higher investment returns than their less resource-efficient rivals.

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Private landlords plan to take advantage of Green Deal

According to the National Landlords Association’s latest Landlord Panel, the majority of landlords are considering taking advantage of the new energy efficiency measures available in October 2012. 63 per cent of landlords say they are aware of the Green Deal and 56 per cent of landlords are considering taking advantage of the energy initiative.

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The Green Climate Fund and private finance: Instruments to mobilise investment in climate mitigation projects

Climate Change Capital has published a discussion article arguing that governments will need to leverage a share of the US$117 trillion of assets managed by private investors in order to tackle climate change, . However, various barriers have prevented the capital for climate mitigation projects to flow at the scale required. The publication is intended as a primer for policy makers exploring instruments the private sector facility of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) can deploy to mobilise investment in climate mitigation projects.

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Food and drink company financial officers engaging with sustainability

The 2012 Sustainability & the CFO Study, conducted by Verdantix on behalf of Deloitte, has found that CFOs are engaging with sustainability. 49% of CFOs saw a signicant link between sustainability performance and nancial performance, 53% of CFOs said their involvement had increased over the last year while 61% expected their involvement to increase over the next 2 years.

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The Crystal: London’s new urban development centre

Siemens opened the Crystal on September 19th 2012, housing the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to sustainable urban development. The crystal-shaped building will serve as a conference center, urban dialogue platform and technology and innovation center, bringing together political decision-makers, infrastructure experts and the general public in order to develop concepts for the future of cities and their infrastructures.

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