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Seeking London Leaders for 2012

The London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC) is inviting applications for the 2012 London Leaders programme, aiming to recruit 15 London Leaders to deliver projects that demonstrate sustainability in action. The fifth annual generation of leaders since the programme’s launch in 2007 will run from June 2012 to May 2013.

A year in the life of the London Leaders

Past London Leaders have included working mums, chefs, teachers, musicians, business-owners and representatives of London’s football clubs, alongside fashion designer Wayne Hemmingway and 86-year-old Austrian Princess Lotti Henley.

Wayne Hemingway’s ‘pop up shop’ project provided free retail space for new London businesses, while Lotti Henley is the force behind the Planzheroes project to cut food waste through an online map that links up various providers of surplus food, such as cafes and restaurants, with recipients, such as charities feeding the homeless. Being a London Leader helped Lotti put her project on the map:

“Being selected as a Leader has given our cause a real boost. It’s been very inspiring to be part of a team of 15 individuals all with the common goal of making London a more sustainable and fairer place for everyone to live in. Food waste is something I am utterly passionate about and being a Leader has helped me fight for that issue to be heard.”

The experiences of other former London Leaders are explored in a short video from the LSDC:

One of the 2010 London Leaders, Richard Reynolds, spoke to SD Scene about his project to inspire sustainable cities at a very local level through guerilla gardening.

Inspiring positive change

The London Leaders programme was prompted by research showing that sustainability challenges are not solved by governments or corporations alone, but through strong leadership at every level, by people working together and by being empowered to take action. Providing individuals and their communities with the confidence, skills and support to make sustainable changes in their lives can lead to positive change.

Each London Leader commits to deliver a project that goes beyond ‘business as usual’ to bring about practical, positive change, exemplifying sustainable development in one or more of the following areas:

  • Climate change and resource use;
  • Local quality of life;
  • Sustainable economy;
  • Equal life chances for all.

By inspiring and catalysing positive change, the London Leaders help to build London’s capacity for leadership in sustainable development.

John Plowman, Chair of the LSDC, described the opportunity:

“This is someone’s chance to achieve something they might have dreamt about doing for a long time, and regardless of whether it’s running a local project in their own neighbourhood or tackling a London-wide issue, we want to hear about it. “Since starting the London Leaders programme in 2007, we’ve seen some amazing results, thanks to the dedication of the Londoners involved. The challenge now is making sure that London continues on its path towards the sustainability goal.”

Applications open now

Applications for the 2012 London Leaders programme are now open to applicants from all backgrounds and sectors – private, public, academic and the third sector, and individuals from local communities within the Greater London area. The closing date for applications is mid-day on Wednesday 11th April 2012. Shortlisted candidates will be notified in May 2012 and the successful candidates will be formally announced at our Annual Event in July 2012.

Further details are available from the London Sustainable Development Commission.

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