Definitions of acronyms and terms used on the HMIC website and in our reports
Term Definition
ABC Activity-Based Costing
ACC Assistant Chief Constable
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ALI Adult Learning Inspectorate
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition
APA Association of Police Authorities
ARV Armed Response Vehicle
ASB Anti-Social Behaviour
ASBO Anti-Social Behaviour Order
ASU Administrative Support Unit
Balanced (Business) Scorecard A measurement based strategic management system which provides a method of aligning business activities to the strategy, and monitoring performance of strategic goals over time. A Kaplan R.S., & Norton P.,The Balanced Scorecard (Harvard University Press) 1992
BAWP British Association of Women Police
BCS British Crime Survey
BCU Basic or Borough Command Unit (Also Known As OCU or Operational Command Unit)
BME black and minority ethnic
BPA Black Police Association
BTP British Transport Police
BVPI Best Value Performance Indicator
BVR Best Value Review
CBOs Community Beat Officers
CBT Computer Based Training
CD-ROM Compact Disc with content accessible on a computer
CDRP Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership
CENTREX Formerly the CPTDA
CFF The Crime Fighting Fund
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CIPD Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
CIPFA Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
CJD criminal justice department
CJNTO Community Justice National Training Organisation
CJS Criminal Justice System
COMPASS A national information technology system for tracking, managing and recording caseload information
CPD Continuous Professional Development
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CPTDA Central Police Training and Development Authority (Centrex)
CPU Central Planning Unit
CRE Commission for Racial Equality
CRR Community and Race Relations
CSG Community Safety Group
CSOs Community Support Officers
CTP Costed Training Plan
DCC Deputy Chief Constable
DEM Diversity Excellence Model
DEOMI Defense Equal Opportunities Management Institute
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DOIT Development and Organisational Improvement Team
DV Domestic violence
EDU Equality and Diversity Unit
EFQM European Framework for Quality Management
EO Equal Opportunities
EOC Equal Opportunities Commission
EOTC Equal Opportunities Training Centre
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FCU File Checking Unit
FMEA Facility for Management, Effectiveness and Achievement
GMP Greater Manchester Police
GPA Gay Police Association
HAC Home Affairs Committee
HMIC Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary
HOC Home Office Circular
HORT/1 Home Office Road Transport/1
HR Human Resources
IAG Independent Advisory Group
IES Institute for Employment Studies
IiP Investors in People
ILEX Institute of Legal Executives
IODA Individual and Organisational Development and Assessment Ltd
IS / IT Information Systems / Information Technology
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KUSAB Knowledge, Understanding, Skills, Attitudes, Behaviour
LBSOSS Leadership below Senior Officer and Support Staff
LCJB local criminal justice board
LECD Landelijk Expertise Centrum Diversiteit (National Expertise Centre for Diversity) (Netherlands)
Level 2 Criminality Criminal activity that takes place on a cross-boundary basis
LSG Lawrence Steering Group
LSOP Landeliik Selectie- en Opleidingsinstitut (Police National Selection and Training Institute) (Netherlands)
MAPPA Multi-Agency Police Protection Arrangements
MCIU Major Crime Investigation Unit
METL’s Minimum Effective Training Levels
MPS Metropolitan Police Service
MSF Most Similar Force(s)
MV Motor Vehicle
NACP National Association of Chaplains to the Police
NAFIS National Automated Fingerprint Identification System
NBPA National Black Police Association
NCALT National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies
NCF National Competency Framework
NCIS National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCPE National Centre for Policing Excellence
NCRS National Crime Recording Standard
NCS National Crime Squad
NDPB Non-Departmental Public Body
NES National Evaluation Strategy
NIM National Intelligence Model
NL Netherlands
NMIS National Management Information System
NOS National Occupational Standards
NPIA National Policing Improvement Agency
NPP National Policing Plan
NPT National Police Training (now CENTREX)
NPTC National Police Training Centre (now CENTREX)
NSPIS National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NSPLPS National Strategy to Promote Learning in the Police Service
NTO National Training Organisation
NTO National Training Organisation
NVQ National Vocational Qualification
OFSTED Office for Standards in Education
OSPRE Objective Structured Performance Related Examination
PA Police Authority
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act
PCSO Police Community Support Officer
PDP Professional Development Portfolio
PDR Personal Development Review
PDTN Police Diversity Trainers Network
PEACE Investigative Interviewing Training (Prepare and Plan, Engage, Account, Challenge, Explain)
PITO Police Information Technology Organisation
PLP Personal Leadership Programme
PLPU Police Leadership and Powers Unit
PMBA Personal Management Business Area
PMC Personnel Management Committee
PNB Police Negotiating Board
PNC Police National Computer
POCA Proceeds of Crime Act 2004
POELTSG Prison Officer Entry Level Training Steering Group
PPAF Policing Performance Assessment Framework
PPAF Police Performance Assessment Framework
PRU Police Resources Unit
PSAs Public Service Agreements
PSNI Police Service of Northern Ireland
PSSO Police Standards and Skills Organisation
PSU Police Standards Unit
PTAG Probationer Training Advisory Group
PTC Police Training Council
PTCWP Police Training Council Working Party Report
PTDB Police Training Development Board
PTISG Police Training Implementation Steering Group
PTMG Probationer Training Management Group
PTP Probationer Constable Training Programme
PYO Persistent Young Offender
QA Quality Assurance
R/CR BA Race and Community Relations Business Area
REC Race Equality Council
RES Race Equality Scheme
RR(A)A Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
RTA Road Traffic Accident
RTC Road Traffic Collision
RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary (became the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2001)
Sanction Detections Offences that are detected by way of charge, summons, caution, fixed penalty for disorder or offences admitted on a signed ‘taken into consideration’ schedule
SARA Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment
SARI Support Against Racist Incidents
SCC Strategic Command Course
SGC Specific Grading Criteria
SLA Service Level Agreement
SOCA Serious Organised Crime Agency
SPI(s) Statutory performance indicators (SPIs) are used to monitor key aspects of police performance and form a critical component of performance assessments. SPIs are set each year following consultation with partners in line with powers under the Local Government Act 1999. SPIs are also known as ‘best value performance indicators’
SPP Special Priority Payments
SSU Specialist Support Unit
TDO Training Development Officer
TDP Trainer Development Programme
TFL Transport for London
TIC An offence taken into consideration by a court when sentencing for another offence
TSO The Stationery Office
UDT Unarmed Defensive Tactics
UEA University of East Anglia
UWE University of West of England
Volume Crime Not a technical term but normally refers to high incidence vehicle crime, burglary and in some areas robbery