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For information on Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund please visit Custom Build Serviced Plots Loan Fund or email 

In Laying the Foundations – a Housing Strategy for England, the Government announced that it would be making up to £30m of funding available to provide short-term project finance to help unlock group custom build – or self-build - schemes. This is separate from the funding available for community led housing under the Affordable Homes Programme.

The aims of the Custom Build fund are two-fold:

  1. To stimulate the growth of the Custom Build Homes market by enabling more multi-unit custom build home projects and attract more commercial lenders and investors to this market, thereby increasing the number of custom built homes developed annually over the next decade
  2. To focus exclusively on multi-unit ‘group’ projects with the objective of bringing forward sufficient numbers of successful schemes to demonstrate to commercial funders that the lending model is a viable and sustainable business which can be taken forward by industry, without public funding support, when the fund closes on 31 March 2015
  3. The fund can be used to cover eligible costs such as:
  • Land acquisition costs;
  • Site preparation costs;
  • Construction of supporting infrastructure/utilities directly related to the construction of the homes;
  • S106 planning obligations, Community Infrastructure Levy charges and S278 agreements;
  • Construction costs for the homes; and
  • Associated professional fees related to the project after planning permission has been granted

We have published a prospectus setting out details of how interested bidders may apply. Projects should be outside London.

As outlined in our Land Development and Disposal Plan, to help groups of prospective bidders access a supply of land for Custom Build schemes, a number of sites have already been brought to the market:

Marksbury Road, Bristol - developer selection process commenced through OJEU

Spencer's Park, Hemel Hempstead - developer selected

Pleasley Colliery, Bolsover - developer selected

Upper Tuesley, Milford, Surrey - developer selected

Trevenson Park, Pool, Cornwall - developer selected

Chase Avenue Milton, Keynes - developer selected

Carr Lodge Farm, Doncaster - developer selected

As of 12 November 2013, an additional four HCA sites have now been identified which will be brought to the market for custom build:

Urban Pioneers, Middlehaven

As part of the existing plans to transform Middlehaven which lies between the retail quarter and the river, Middlesbrough Council and the HCA plan are in the process of bringing forward 14 serviced lots for flexible development including custom build which could provide at least 25 custom build units. Launched in November 2013, there has been significant interest in the project and several of the lots are reserved or will be in the very recent future. Pioneers will start building their developments from early 2015, once the Urban Park and remediation works are complete. For more information visit and click on Urban Pioneers.

Oxley Park, Milton Keynes

This 0.42ha-site has been identified as having potential for up to 14 units, subject to planning.

Pound Lane South, Basildon

This site has been identified with potential for c10 units.  The site will be brought forward for development in autumn 2014 following more detailed ecology and planning work. 

Lightmoor Urban Village, Telford

The HCA and the Bournville Village Trust will work jointly to bring forward up to 10 units in 5-plot phases, subject to demand and viability.  The partners are keen to explore a 'co-operative' delivery model to deliver housing choice which will complement the established high quality environment at Lightmoor Urban Village.

As of 26 June 2014, the HCA has identified an additional large scale custom build opportunity:

Park Prewett, Basingstoke

The HCA is helping to bring forward 1,250 new and affordable homes at Park Prewett to the north west of the town centre, which has been chosen as the largest of the sites under the Custom Build programme. Under the proposals, up to 120 plots will be made available for Custom Build as part of the successful and popular redevelopment of the former hospital site. The development of this site for custom build is subject to planning permission. The HCA will work closely with local planning authority to obtain consent and ensure that the homes are designed to a high standard and fit the partners’ overall vision for Park Prewett.

More information will be available on the Land and Development Opportunities section of our website as these sites become available.

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