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Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)
(For those injured, disabled or bereaved by Service on or after 6th April 2005).

Welcome to the Veterans-UK Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) pages. The following information is in three sections.

1. For those wanting essential information on what the scheme is all about and how to make a claim,     see AFCS - An Overview

2. To see copies of a poster, presentations, a contact card and to hear our AFCS Podcasts, please visit      our Communications Toolkit section.

3. For those wanting more detail on the Scheme, please see our easy to use question and answer      guide below.

1. AFCS - An overview
2. How can I make a claim ?
3. What sort of information should I give in support of my claim ?
4. How will my claim be considered ?
5. Why have I not been given an award under AFCS ?
6. How is an award calculated ?
7. What is a Guaranteed Income Payment?
8. How will I be paid ?
9. Will payments I get from another source affect AFCS ?
10. What can I do if I disagree ?
11. My injury has got worse what can I do?
12. Other benefits - is my AFCS affected
13. I am moving to another country - will I be entitled to any help with my medical costs?
14. I have mobility problems - am I entitled to further help ?
15. Can I claim a Fast Payment
16. Where can I find AFCS Claim Forms ?
17. Where can I see a copy of the AFCS Tariff and the AFCS legislation ?

If you need further help or advice, please contact our free helpline on 0808 1914 2 18



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