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Viewing artwork L142J

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L142J - `Village Street, Evening' (*LOAN*) -

Village Street, Evening

Henry Lamb  (1883 - 1960)


‘Oh the calm of Coombe Bissett is tranquil and deep

Where Ebble flows soft in her downland asleep

And beauty to me came a pushing a pram

In the shape of the sweet Pansy, Felicia Lamb’. 

                                                         John Betjeman


This genre picture of village life is based on Coombe Bissett near Salisbury, where Henry Lamb moved to in 1928 with his new wife Pansy. Lamb lived there with his family until his death. He is buried in the village.

The work shows the Australian-born artist’s powers of observation and draughtsmanship. The style of this large, complex figure composition resembles the work of Lamb’s friend Stanley Spencer (1891-1959). It is believed that it was painted in the 1940s.