What we do

We ensure the smooth working of the devolution settlement in Wales, representing the UK government in Wales. We also represent Welsh interests in Westminster.

WO is a ministerial department.

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We work on these topics

  1. Wales

    The government works for Wales to help create the conditions for growth, and make sure the Welsh and UK governments work effectively together in the interests of people in Wales. Read more

  2. UK economy

    All parts of the economy are growing - but the government still has a huge amount to do through continuing to create jobs and supporting businesses to grow. The government is also making sure that the recovery is a recovery for all and this means creating a more educated workforce and taking measures to help with the cost of living. Find progress updates on this page. Read more

Our policies

  1. Maintaining and strengthening the Welsh devolution settlement

    How the UK government is working to develop the Welsh devolution settlement, including supporting an independent review.

  2. Helping the economy in Wales to grow

    The UK government's work to create the conditions for growth in Wales includes expanding and improving the rail network and extending broadband services.

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Our management

    Contact WO

    Wales Office, Cardiff

    The Wales Office
    1 Caspian Point
    Caspian Way
    CF10 4DQ

    Cysylltwch â ni

    Swyddfa Cymru
    1 Pwynt Caspian
    Ffordd Caspian
    CF10 4DQ

    Wales Office (London)

    The Wales Office
    Gwydyr House,

    SW1A 2NP

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