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Vaccine coverage and COVER

Child receiving vaccination

The COVER (Cover of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly) programme evaluates childhood immunisation in England. Public Health England (PHE) in collaboration with the National Public Health Service for Wales, CDSC Northern Ireland and Health Protection Scotland, collates UK immunisation coverage data from child health systems for children aged one, two and five years of age.

The COVER programme monitors immunisation coverage data for children in the United Kingdom who reach their first, second or fifth birthday during each evaluation quarter. This information is promptly fed back to local level, creating the opportunity to improve coverage and to detect changes in vaccine coverage quickly.
Please note that the collection of these data has been mandated by the Secretary of State, through the Review of Central Returns (ROCR) to PHE (Reference: ROCR/OR/0105/004MAND). ROCR aims to minimise the burden of data collection on the NHS: More details can be found from the Information Centre NHS website [external].
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