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Travel health


In 2012, nearly 57 million UK residents travelled abroad. Depending on their destination, travellers may be at increased risk of contracting infections, which may not be as common, or exist at all, in the UK. They should therefore be prepared for such risks, and seek advice about their health before they go abroad.

Surveillance of travel-associated infections is undertaken by the Travel and Migrant Health Section at the Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control. The section works closely with the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) [external link]. who are responsible for developing travel health advice, with collaborating partners, for the UK.

This website contains information about the most common travel-associated infections acquired by UK residents. Public Health England does not give travel health advice to individual patients or their health advisers. Please see the travel advice page for further information.

For information regarding outbreaks abroad that may affect British travellers please see the news and outbreaks section. For information and health advice regarding international events such as natural disasters or mass gathering/sporting events, please see the International Event Response page.

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