Non domestic Rates (Business Rates): Local Rating Lists

Experimental Statistical Release
2010 Local Rating Lists, England and Wales

11 April 2013

This is a new experimental statistical release on Business Rates (also known as Non-Domestic Rating). The release includes statistics on formal challenges and reports made against properties in the 2010 Local Rating Lists. These are shown at quarterly intervals and are broken down to national, regional and local authority levels.

The first part of the release illustrates the VOA’s day-to-day rating workload. It includes counts of formal challenges and reports received, resolved and unresolved for each financial quarter from the start of the 2010 list, 1 April 2010 to the end of December 2012. It also includes counts of properties against which formal challenges and reports have been made.

The second part of the release shows the aggregate rateable value of each Rating List over time. As formal challenges and reports are dealt with, changes in rateable value can be backdated, meaning the statistics are subject to revision throughout the life of the lists. This first release presents the value of the list at quarterly intervals based on all formal challenges and reports that were resolved up to 31 December 2012.
Counts are rounded to the nearest ten with counts fewer than 5 reported as negligible and denoted by '-'. Total rateable values are rounded to the nearest hundred thousand. Totals may not sum due to rounding. Statistics are derived from data for England and Wales extracted from the VOA’s administrative database as at 31 December 2012.

This release has been labelled as Experimental Statistics to be consistent with the UK Statistical Authority guidance on new statistical outputs. It helps to identify to users that these are new official statistics that are undergoing evaluation and that we are open to feedback on their usefulness. The VOA statistics team invites readers to comment on experimental publications, which will help inform future releases. Comments may be sent to

For further details on the information included in this release please refer to the release notes linked below:

Release Notes

UPDATE 13 February 2014:

Tables containing unique hereditament counts relating to formal challenges and reports added.

2010 Local Rating List.

Day-to-day rating workload
Table A (XLS, 1 MB)
Zip file containing individual Table A csv & xls files

Aggregate rateable value
Table B (XLS, 521 KB)
Zip file containing individual Table B csv & xls files

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