A royal command stating that the authorities must draw lots to decide which prisoners will face trial (TS 20/44)

24 June 2014

We have produced two new online themed collections on the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715 and the Jacobite Rising of 1745. For the first time, teachers and students will have easy access to original documents of the period which have emerged due to an on-going cataloguing project of the State Papers of George I and George II.

The collections consist of over 70 documents covering a rich range of material with teacher's notes, transcripts, a timeline of the period and family trees. Audio recordings of most documents open them up to a new audience, and an accompanying Pinterest board brings the collections to life.

From original maps showing the battles of Culloden and Prestonpans and printed Jacobite pamphlets, to a song calling for the Elector Georg of Hanover (George I) to go home and Jacobite soldiers writing to their wives, the material is fascinating. You can learn about the transportation of Jacobite prisoners after the risings and the cases of several Jacobite supporters who were imprisoned for drinking to the health Prince Charles, the 'Young Pretender', and of James, the 'Old Pretender'.

You can read Flora MacDonald's testimony about how she helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape after the battle of Culloden disguised in women's clothes, and we even have an image of the Prince's clothing (when he was not dressed as a woman).

These resources will benefit those teaching and learning about the Jacobites, which are now a feature of the new national curriculum in history and are embedded in certain specifications at history A level. Both online resources have an introduction by expert on the period, Professor Daniel Szechi at Manchester University.

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