Between August 2010 and August 2011, JISC and the Academy are supporting projects and activities that support the open release of learning resources and the discovery and use of these resources.

Open educational resources programme - phase 2

Phase 2 of the HEFCE-funded Open Educational Resources (OER) programme is managed jointly by the Higher Education Academy (Academy) and JISC. Running between August 2010 and August 2011, it will build on and expand the work of the pilot phase around the release of OER material, and commence research and technical work examining the discovery and use of OER - specifically by academics.

See the pilot phase (phase 1) of the open educational resources programme and the outputs from the UKOER10 programme symposium.

This £5million programme is comprised of three activity areas, as follows: 

Activity Area A - The release of OER
  • Ai A new set of OER release projects (the "release" strand, managed by the Academy)
  • Aii Open Materials for Accredited Courses, releasing materials linked to the national professional standards for staff who teach in higher education (the "OMAC" project, managed by the Academy)
  • Aiii Cascade Strand: The support of existing teams who are already releasing OER in embedding their practice in other environments
Activity Area B - The use of OER
Activity Area C - The discovery of OER
  • Ci Projects collecting OER from various worldwide sources, to bring together thematic collections (the "collections" strand).

 As with the pilot strand, the programme will also include support and evaluation/synthesis activities.

Strand Ai release
University of Plymouth Learning from WOeRK: OERs for CPD in the workplace 247,250
SWAP Subject Centre SWAP OER Project 250,000
The University of Northampton TIGER (Transforming Interprofessional Groups through Educational Resources) 249,528
University College London OER Digital Humanities 46,092
De Montfort University Sickle Cell Open: Online Topics and Educational Resources (SCOOTER) 123,548
Nottingham Trent University De – STRESS: Depository of Resources for Statistics in Social Sciences 207,729
Doncaster College Developing 3D Simulations & Learning Objects for Creative & Cultural Skills College and Palatine Networks 247,358
HLST and BMAF Subject Centres 2012: Learning Legacies 85,000
University of the Arts, London Arts Learning and Teaching Online (ALTO) 250,000
ESCalate Subject Centre OSIER (Open Sustainability in Education Resource) 132,957
CEBE Subject Centre Open Resources for Built Environment Education(ORBEE) 245,345
MEDEV Subject Centre Pathways for Open Resource Sharing through Convergence in Healthcare Education (PORSCHE) 124,659


Strand Aiii Cascade
Coventry University OER CaFE (OER Cascade to FE) 75,000
C-SAP Subject Centre Cascading Social Science Open Educational Resources 74,918
ADM Subject Centre Practising Open Education: Developing the Potential of Open Educational Resources in Art, Design and Media 75,000
University of Leicester OER Sustainability through Teaching & Research Innovation: Cascading across HEIs (OSTRICH) 74,933
University of Oxford Ripple: OER Cascade 74,790


Strand Ci Collections
University of Bath  Delivering Open Educational Resources for Engineering Design 74,932
C-SAP Subject Centre Discovering Collections of Social Science Open Educational Resources 74,508
UK Centre for Bioscience OeRBITAL - Thematic collection: Open educational Resources for Biologists Involved in Teaching And Learning 69,075
Engineering Subject Centre Engineering a Low Carbon Future OER (EALCFO) 56,948
University of Oxford TRITON: Bringing Open Educational Resources (OER) closer to the Politics and IR subject communities 74,902
GEES Subject Centre The Open Fieldwork (OF) Project 75,000


Start date
31 August 2010
End date
31 August 2011
Funding Programme
e-Learning programme
Strategic Themes