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HM Treasury is the government’s economic and finance ministry, maintaining control over public spending, setting the direction of the UK’s economic policy and working to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth.

HMT is a ministerial department, supported by 7 agencies and public bodies.

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We work on these topics

  1. UK economy

    All parts of the economy are growing - but the government still has a huge amount to do through continuing to create jobs and supporting businesses to grow. The government is also making sure that the recovery is a recovery for all and this means creating a more educated workforce and taking measures to help with the cost of living. Find progress updates on this page. Read more

  2. Financial services

    Financial services support the economy and provide essential credit to households, consumers and business. We are creating a framework that promotes a responsible and sustainable financial services industry, tackling the issues of competition and risk in the banking sector. Read more

  3. Government spending

    How the government is working to spend public money responsibly and effectively. Read more

  4. Tax and revenue

    Our tax system should be efficient and fair. It should reward work and support aspiration. The government collects taxes to fund public services, and help families and individuals with targeted financial support. Read more

  5. Business and enterprise

    The government is working to create the right conditions for companies to thrive and make it easier for people to start successful new businesses. Read more

  6. Foreign affairs

    The government works to promote and protect UK interests internationally, and works with other countries to make progress on issues of mutual concern like trade, climate change, security and economic development. Read more

  7. Community and society

    The government is supporting people who care about their communities and want to get involved in improving them. It believes that people understand the needs of their area best, which is why it is transferring power so people can make more decisions locally and solve their own problems to create strong, attractive and thriving neighbourhoods. Read more

  8. National security

    The government works to identify the most pressing risks to our security, and put in place the ways and means to address them. Read more

Our policies

  1. Helping people to find and stay in work

    How the government is getting Britain working and helping people break the cycle of benefit dependency.

  2. Making consumer credit markets fairer

    The government wants to make sure that lenders treat borrowers fairly.

  3. Improving the quality and range of education and childcare from birth to 5 years

    How the government is making childcare and early education accessible to more children to give them the best possible start.

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Our announcements

Our consultations

  1. Tax-Free Childcare

    • 11 June 2014
    • Consultation outcome
  2. Secondary legislation for Non-Bank resolution regimes

    • 9 June 2014
    • Consultation outcome

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Our publications

Our statistics

  1. Pocket databank: economic indicators

    • 9 June 2014
    • Statistics - national statistics
  2. UK Official holdings of international reserves: May 2014

    • 4 June 2014
    • Statistics - national statistics

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