Natural England - Publications, maps and data

Publications, maps and data

Natural England publishes a wide range of publications as well as making available the research that supports its evidence base.

  • Publications

    Natural England generates a wide range of publications, as well as other types of evidence products.


  • Maps

    You can use these online maps to view the best available information on the whereabouts of a wide variety of protected sites, habitat types, agri-environment schemes and more, that are fundamental to our work.


  • Data

    Natural England publishes much of its geographic information in the form of Geographic Information System (GIS) datasets.


  • Image library on Flickr

    Natural England provides an image collection which is free to use under non-commercial licence for everyone. The collection highlights our work areas, the natural environment and the people who share it.


  • NCA thumbnail

    National Character Areas – defining England’s natural boundaries

    National Character Areas (NCAs) divide England into 159 distinct natural areas. Each is defined by a unique combination of landscape, biodiversity, geodiversity and cultural and economic activity. Their boundaries follow natural lines in the landscape rather than administrative boundaries, making them a good decision making framework for the natural environment.


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