Natural England - Environmental Stewardship forms

Environmental Stewardship forms

Closed schemes forms are also available.

FormScheme*Form Ref.Use
Agent authorisationAllNE-auth: (197kb)pdf documentApplicants/ Agreement holders, to authorise an agent to act on your behalf.
Agent authoriation for HLS pipeline clinicsHLSNE-AUTHPFPC: (59kb)pdf documentApplicants to authorise an agent to act on their behalf at FEP pipeline clinic meetings only
British native-origin seed formHLSNE-BNS: (266kb)pdf documentAgreement holders, to support the HLS claim. Used to register the source of seed used on the HLS agreement.
Common land and shared grazing supplementary application formELS, Uplands ELS, HLSNE-CLA4: (61kb)pdf documentApplicants, if the application for ELS, Uplands ELS or HLS includes common land.
Derogation noticeELS, OELSNE-DN: (222kb)pdf documentAgreement holders, to notify Natural England of a derogation.
Derogation requestHLSNE-DR: (305kb)pdf documentAgreement holders, to request a derogation.
Farm educational visit evaluation formESNE-FEDV: (113kb)pdf documentAgreement holder and visit organiser. Must be submitted with claim form.
Group visits summary sheetESNE-GVSSFFL: (45kb)pdf documentAgreement holder, to publicise educational access sites.
Field parcel reconciliationOELSNE-FPR: (266kb)pdf documentApplicants, to reconcile IACS/OS field parcels on the Organic certificate of registration to RLR parcels in the OELS pre-application .
Historic buildings information formHLSNE-HBI: (113kb)pdf documentApplicants, to apply for restoration of historic buildings.
Holding details formHLSNE-HD: (84kb)excel spreadsheetAgents/applicants, for FEP pipeline clinics
Supplementary land ownership and control formESNE-LOC: (76kb)pdf documentApplicants, if you do not have management control over all/part of the land for the entire agreement term.
VAT DeclarationHLSNE-VAT: (142kb)pdf documentAgreement holders if you are not VAT registered and are therefore unable to reclaim the VAT element on goods and services purchased (Capital elements only).
Application checklistHLSNE-CApC: (87kb)pdf documentApplicants. Checklist to help you complete your HLS application form.
Application checklist for OrganicsOELS/HLSNE-CApCO: (69kb)pdf documentApplicants. Checklist to help you complete your OELS/HLS application form.

* Scheme Key
ELS - Entry Level Stewardship
ES - Environmental Stewardship
HLS - Higher Level Stewardship
OELS - Organic Entry Level Stewardship

Closed Schemes Forms are also available.