Supporting documents

In addition to the text in the Report, the Review is publishing the following document to provide further evidence in support of the recommendations in the Review.

These documents include notes of events held during the Review, externally commissioned research and surveys, summaries of Call for Evidence submissions and academic literature.

A: Audit of Recommendations from Previous Reviews of Intellectual Property Rights PDF document(177Kb)

B: Review Blog and Comments

C: Call for Evidence December 2010

D: Report of Review Event held at TechHub, 15 February 2011 PDF document(256Kb)

E: Audio/Video Record of Review Event held at RSA, 2 March 2011 External Link

F: Note on IPPR Roundtable discussion with Professor Ian Hargreaves on the Independent Review of Intellectual Property and Growth 26 January 2011 PDF document(39Kb)

G:  Clayton T and Mitra-Kahn B, 2010, Approaches to evidence on IPRs, competition and innovation, Note for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(34Kb)

H: Greenhalgh C and Rogers M, 2010, Competition, Intellectual Property and Innovation, Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(701Kb)

I:  PACEC, 2011, The VoD Sector. Copyright Issues. Research on Business Impacts, Innovation and Competition, Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(209Kb)

J:  Dnes A, 2011 A Law and Economics Analysis of Fair Use Differences Comparing the US and UK, Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(513Kb)

K:  Iliev I, Tang P, van der Merwe H and Tannock Q, 2011 Emerging patent thickets and standards in the medical devises and telehealth space: Innovation, market dynamics and policy options in cross-over technologies. Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(978Kb)

L:  PACEC, 2011, Research on Finance for IPR, Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(699Kb)

M:  TNS-BMRB, 2011 SME Access to Intellectual Property Services, Survey Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(532Kb)

N:  TNS-BMRB, 2011, SME Qualitative Interviews Report for the Hargreaves IP Review PDF document(234Kb)

O:  Boys P, 2011, Institutional Reform, Report for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(211Kb)

P:  Intellectual Property Rights and Competition - Where Conflict creates Barriers to Growth and Innovation, Discussion Document for the Review of IP and Growth PDF document(38Kb)

Q:  Fair Use Call for Evidence responses PDF document(116Kb)

R:  Copyright Licensing Call for Evidence responses PDF document(42Kb)

S:  Note of Roundtable meeting of UK Collecting Societies with Baroness Wilcox, 8 March 2011 PDF document(49Kb)

T:  Text Mining and Data Analytics in Call for Evidence responses PDF document(43Kb)

U:  Universities, Research and Access to IP PDF document(120Kb)

V:  A One Size Fits All Patent System? PDF document(315Kb)

W:  European Union Patent and the European and EU Patent Court PDF document(141Kb)

X:  Patent Infringement - the Research Exception PDF document(68Kb)

Y:  Barriers to Growth arising from the Patent Granting Process PDF document(88Kb)

Z:  Patentability of Computer Programs and Business Method Inventions PDF document(94Kb)

AA:  Patent Thickets, Licensing and Standards PDF document(130Kb)

BB:  Design Rights Call for Evidence Responses PDF document(80Kb)

CC:  Data on the Prevalence and Impact of Piracy and Counterfeiting PDF document(86Kb)

DD:  SMEs and the IP Framework PDF document(91Kb)

EE:  Economic Impact of Recommendations PDF document(558Kb)

FF:  Data Tables of Graphs Produced for the Review PDF document(191Kb)
       Data Tables of Graphs Produced for the Review MS Excel Workbook(475Kb)

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Reviewed 18 May 2011