Decisions - defended and / or other issues

List of defended decisions. The decision British Library number is in the first column. Read across a row to find information on the registration number, applicant, application number, respondent, company name, outcome and date issued.
BL Number Reg No. Applicant App No. Respondent Company name Outcome Date Issued
O/231/14 PDF document(115Kb) 07712395 Collier Campbell Limited 348 Collier Campbell Archive Limited Collier Campbell Archive Limited Decision on Costs Only 28 May 2014
O/193/14 PDF document(210Kb) 07349664 Michael TImon and Redcroft Fire Maintenance Ltd 355 Timon Fire Protection Limited Timon Fire Protection Limited Application failed 2 May 2014
O/156/14 PDF document(105Kb) 08285861 Blue Sky Law Limited 614 Blue Sky Legal Services Limited Blue Sky Legal Services Limited Decision on Costs Only 11 April 2014
O/138/14 PDF document(94Kb) 08457122 Rev. Peter George Popoff, People United for Christ Inc & Word for the World Ministries UK Limited 575 Peter Popoff Ministeries UK Limited Peter Popoff Ministeries UK Limited Application successful 26 March 2014
O/118/14 PDF document(161Kb) 08262371 Virgin Enterprises Limited 588 Virgin Africa Limited Virgin Africa Limited Application successful 13 March 2014
O/040/14 PDF document(77Kb) 07116078 C G Fixings Limited 404 Power Tool World Limited Power Tool World Limited Application refused 27 January 2014
O/427/13 PDF document(25Kb) NI615649 Rainey Restoration Ltd 548 Rainey Restoration Limited Rainey Restoration Limited Application successful 28 October 2013
O/390/13 PDF document(167Kb) 03240449 TaxAssist Direct Limited 322 Tax Assist Limited Tax Assist Limited Application unsuccessful 2 October 2013
O/359/13 PDF document(203Kb) 07587357 William Harvey Research Limited 431 William Harvey Medical Limited William Harvey Medical Limited Application failed 5 September 2013
O/246/13 PDF document(78Kb) 07747225 Microsoft Corporation 413 Microsoft Slate Ltd Microsoft Slate Ltd Application successful 13 June 2013
O/167/13 PDF document(75Kb) 08139978 Dalsouple Direct Limited 469 Dalsouple UK Ltd Dalsouple UK Ltd Application successful 25 April 2013
O/110/13 PDF document(97Kb) 07205739 Natco Foods Limited 430 Natco Foods DTC Limited Natco Foods DTC Limited Application successful 13 March 2013
O/103/13 PDF document(87Kb) 06628116 Sunseeker International Limited 459 Sunseeker UK Ltd Sunseeker UK Ltd Respondent successful 28 February 2013
O/444/12 PDF document(98Kb) 07514289 Kieran Lynch 482 Kieran Lynch and Co Limited Kieran Lynch and Co Limited Application struck out 13 November 2012
O/360/12 PDF document(55Kb) 07065442 Allianz Insurance PLC 315 Allianz Investments Limited ALLIANZ INVESTMENTS LIMITED Applicant Successful 26 September 2012
O/321/12 PDF document(110Kb) 07329350 James Knowles 283 United Soccer Trips Ltd UNITED SOCCER TRIPS LTD Respondent successful 23 August 2012
O/285/12 PDF document(197Kb) 07059764 International Ministerial Council of Great Britain 222 IMCGB IMCGB Applicants Successful 26 August 2012
O/282/12 PDF document(217Kb) 06850458 Desmo Enterprises Limited 189 Nectar Enterprises (UK) Limited NECTAR ENTERPRISES (UK) LIMITED Applicants Successful 25 July 2012
O/249/12 PDF document(33Kb) 03881412 Parkegate Engineering 422 Parkgate Process Ltd PARKGATE PROCESS LTD Applicant Successful 26 June 2012
O/141/12 PDF document(86Kb) 07072816 Sharez Hussain (Mr) 176 Slumbersound Beds Ltd SLUMBERSOUND BEDS LTD Respondent Successful 28 March 2012
O/132/12 PDF document(86Kb) 06913151 Intel Corporation 133 Intel Marketing Ltd Intel Marketing Ltd Respondent Successful 23 March 2012
O/317/11 PDF document(85Kb) 07172470 Intel Corporation 204 Intellogic Ltd Intellogic Ltd Applicant Successful 9 September 2011
O/155/11 PDF document(40Kb) 07034632 AGA Rangemaster Group plc 243 Rangemaster Direct Limited Rangemaster Direct Limited Applicants successful 10 May 2011
O/109/11 PDF document(25Kb) 07057472 QinetiQ Limited 184 QINETIC SOLUTIONS LIMITED QINETIC SOLUTIONS LIMITED Respondent Successful 22 March 2011
O/036/11 PDF document(83Kb) 06633013 Tektronix Inc 71 Tektronix Ltd Tektronix Ltd Respondent Successful 4 February 2011
O/025/11 PDF document(240Kb) 06898663 Miller Rosenfalck LLP 96 European Business Lawyers Limited European Business Lawyers Limited Respondent Successful 27 January 2011
O/443/10 PDF document(25Kb) 07051064 Tchibo GmbH 207 Tchibo Cafe Limited Tchibo Cafe Limited Applicant Successful 30 December 2010
O/366/10 PDF document(82Kb) SC339704
RSN UK Limited t/a Riedel Crystal (UK) 56
Riedelshop Ltd
Riedel Limited
Riedelshop Ltd
Riedel Limited
Applicant Successful 21 October 2010
O/349/10 PDF document(70Kb) 06735313



Normalu Société par Simplifiée 19



Barrisol Limited

Barrisol Stretch
Ceilings (UK) Limited

Barrisol Stretch
Ceilings Limited

Barrisol UK Limited
Barrisol Limited

Barrisol Stretch
Ceilings (UK) Limited

Barrisol Stretch
Ceilings Limited

Barrisol UK Limited
Applicant Successful 12 October 2010
O/319/10 PDF document(43Kb) 06852325 Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft 170 BMW Properties Limited BMW Properties Limited Applicant awarded costs 15 September 2010
O/301/10 PDF document(41Kb) 06837473 T.E. Penny & Co Ltd 131 Envelope Systems Ltd Envelope Systems Ltd Respondent Successful 20 August 2010
O/197/10 PDF document(105Kb) 03025539 Zurich Insurance Company 40 Zurich Investments Limited Zurich Investments Limited Respondent successful 18 June 2010
O/106/10 PDF document(105Kb) SC345378 MB Inspection Limited 2 Hi-Rope Limited Hi-Rope Limited Applicant successful 8 April 2010
O/354/09 PDF document(32Kb) 065757087 HBL Media Limited 58 Webs Edge Limited Webs Edge Limited Decision on Costs, Applicant successful 12 Novemeber 2009
O/332/09 PDF document(25Kb) 05850532 Danjaq LLC 84 James Bond Limited James Bond Limited Applicant successful 27 October 2009
O/299/09 PDF document(15Kb) 06938468 Littlewoods Limited 91 Woolworth 2009 Limited Woolworth 2009 Limited Applicant successful 28 September 2009
O/186/09 PDF document(19Kb) 06851155 Jewson Limited 61 Jewson's Drives Limited Jewson's Drives Limited Application struck out 7 July 2009
O/182/09 PDF document(17Kb) 05918180 Nectar International Limited

Desmo Enterprises Limited
44 Nectar Beauty Shops Limited Nectar Beauty Shops Limited Applicant successful 2 July 2009
O/145/09 PDF document(44Kb) 06695627 Credo Group (UK) Limited 11 Credo Financial Solutions Ltd Credo Financial Solutions Ltd Application deemed to have been withdrawn 22 May 2009
O/135/09 PDF document(27Kb) 06738149 N. M. Rothschild & Sons Limited 23 Rothschild & Co (UK) Limited Rothschild & Co.(UK) Limited Applicant successful 22 May 2009
O/132/09 PDF document(31Kb) 06235770 Albourne Property Plc. 12 Albourne Properties Limited Albourne Properties Limited Application withdrawn.(Decision relates to costs only) 15 May 2009
O/127/09 PDF document(62Kb) 06456246 Barloworld Handling Ltd 39 Unilift South Wales Ltd Unilift South Wales Ltd Application Struck out 13 May 2009
O/123/09 PDF document(15Kb) 06360397 Bloomberg LP 3 Bloomberg Ltd Bloomberg Ltd Applicant successful 11 May 2009

Reviewed 2 June 2014