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What other types of IP are there?
Intellectual Property (IP) is about far more than just Patents. There are four main types of IP rights which you can use to protect your inventions or creations.  You may also choose to protect your IP in other ways, for example, by using a confidentiality agreement.


Patents protect what makes things work - like what makes a wheel turn or the chemical formula of your favourite fizzy drink.

Trade marks

Trade marks are signs (like words and logos) that distinguish goods and services in the marketplace.


Designs protect the appearance of a product/logo, from the shape of an aeroplane to a fashion item


Copyright is an automatic right which applies when the work is fixed, that is written or recorded in some way.

Fast Facts

  • Ideas and concepts for inventions are not patentable
  • Trade marks must be distinctive for your goods or services
  • Design protection relates to the appearance of a product
  • Copyright is automatic so there are no fees to pay or forms to fill in