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Latest News: COMARE 14th Report: Further consideration of the incidence of childhood cancer around nuclear power plants in Great Britain.
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Current COMARE Work Programme (2014)


Childhood leukaemia in the vicinity of Sellafield and Dounreay

COMARE will be kept up to date on the surveillance and review of the incidence of childhood leukaemia and other cancers in the vicinity of Sellafield and of Dounreay, in accordance with recommendation 5 of the 11th COMARE report. A subgroup has been established to review the current update on this work, commissioned by the Department of Health. It is anticipated that this review will be published as a COMARE report.

The subcommittee held its sixth meeting on 10th December 2013.

Interventional Radiology Issues

COMARE has been asked by the Department of Health to produce advice on issues concerning radiation doses from interventional radiology in the UK. A subcommittee has been established to respond to this request. It is anticipated that this advice will be published as a report from COMARE.

The subcommittee held its first meeting on 25th February 2014.



COMARE has two submitted reports that are expected to be published in 2014.

  • Radium contamination in the area around Dalgety Bay
  • Patient radiation dose issues resulting from the use of CT in the UK



The Contaminations Working Group continues to consider updates on the respective beach monitoring programmes submitted from Dounreay and Sellafield, noting the particles detected at each site. The working group also follows the monitoring work being undertaken at Dalgety Bay.

The working group held its third meeting on 11th November 2013.


COMARE has a standing commitment to advise on authorised discharges of radioactive materials as and when new or revised authorisations are produced. The Authorisation Working Group (AWG) advises on draft authorisations and keeps the full committee aware of its proceedings.




COMARE will be kept aware of the progress of the policy on "Radon in homes". Any new epidemiological or dosimetric data will be brought to the attention of the committee so it may consider the current risk estimates from radon in the home in the light of these new data.

Electromagnetic Fields

COMARE will be kept up to date on studies of the possible health effects of electro-magnetic fields. The Secretariat will bring appropriate information before the committee, as it becomes available. Given the current public and political interest in this area, updates on the current situation will be given at appropriate meetings. The last update was given by the HPA at the October 2012 meeting.



COMARE has a standing commitment to consider any epidemiology studies involving radiation issues reported by the Small Area Health Statistics Unit (SAHSU). No SAHSU reports on radiation issues were received in 2013.


COMARE was asked to participate in an evidence session in January at the House of Commons, organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sunbeds. This session considered COMARE’s 13th Report - The health effects and risks arising from exposure to ultraviolet radiation from artificial tanning devices.


Dates of 2014 Meetings

19th March 2014

16 July 2014

27 November 2014


Agendas and Minutes of Previous Meetings

COMARE 106 - 12th November 2013

COMARE 106 agenda

COMARE 106 minutes

COMARE 105 - 10th July 2013

COMARE 105 agenda

COMARE 105 minutes

COMARE 104 - 13th March 2013

COMARE 104 agenda

COMARE 104 minutes

COMARE 103 - 10th October 2012

COMARE 103 agenda

COMARE 103 minutes

COMARE 102 - 4th July 2012

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COMARE 102 minutes

COMARE 101 - 28th March 2012

COMARE 101 Agenda

COMARE 101 minutes

COMARE 100 - 5th October 2011

COMARE 100 agenda

COMARE 100 minutes

COMARE 99 - 20th July 2011

COMARE 99 agenda

COMARE 99 minutes

COMARE 98 - 9th March 2011

COMARE 98 agenda

COMARE 98 minutes

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