Digital strategy

This strategy sets out how the Department of Health will give its staff the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to embrace digital opportunities to deliver better health, better care and better value for all.

What’s in this strategy?

A summary of the contents and specific commitments

Digital and policy

How the department will use digital to improve policymaking

A digital health and care system

How digital will be used across the system

What happens next?

How the ambition described here will be delivered

Why this matters

Dan PoulterDr Dan Poulter on the context for this strategy: “More of us bank, shop and talk online than ever before and at work the internet has fuelled a new industrial revolution of productivity and efficiency…”

People talking to people

Viv BennettViv Bennett, Director of Nursing, on her use of social media: “From getting up-to-date news, to joining up nursing and midwifery communications through organised ‘nurse chats’, it has proved a valuable communication tool that I wouldn’t want to be without…”

Leading a culture change

Rachel NeamanRachel Neaman, DH digital leader, on what’s needed to deliver the strategy: “Going digital is about adopting digital tools and techniques we now take for granted in our personal lives to make the business of government better…”

How we put it together

Stephen HaleStephen Hale, DH head of digital, on how this strategy was put together: “It’s been quite a task to produce it and get consensus on some of the things it commits us to doing. It cuts across all areas of the department’s work…”

You can download a printable version of the strategy on the corporate DH website.

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