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Commander UK Maritime Forces

The post of Commander UK Maritime Forces is the highest sea-going command in the Royal Navy and is held by a Rear Admiral. It is part of the Fleet Battle Staff based in Portsmouth, within the Commander-in-Chief Fleet's staff.

HMS Ocean
Task Group
Task Group
Task Group

The role of Commander UK Maritime Forces (COMUKMARFOR) is to direct UK, Allied or Coalition maritime forces anywhere in the world. Personnel within the command are always at short notice to deploy either at sea or on land, providing forces necessary for the task in hand.

The Commander UK Maritime Forces may be in command at sea of naval task forces and task groups formed for specific operations, such as anti-piracy operations and directs the Commander UK Task Group, who is a Commodore deployed at sea.

COMUKMARFOR and his staff provide a variety of skills and specialisations to support operations, including Information Operations, co-operation with civilian authorities, legal, political and policy advice and Media Operations as well as planning staff, with representatives from all aspects of naval specialisations and is configured for effects-based operations.

The Maritime Battle Staff:

When assigned under orders issued by the Chief of Joint Operations (CJO), Fleet Commander or other Commanders, COMUKMARFOR has a scaleable operational command capability that can be utilised ashore or afloat, as demanded by the circumstances.

The traditional planning sequence is underpinned by the Operational Support Group (OSG) that comprises a variety of skills and disciplines, including Information Operations, Targeting, CivMil Cooperation, Legal, Political/Policy and Media Ops.

The OSG analyses priorities, assesses progress and ensures that the Commander is able to articulate his priorities at the Joint Coordination Board - the key decision taking forum.

Maritime Expertise:

COMUKMARFOR and his staff also provide advice to PJHQ, through COMOPS, on the maritime contribution to Joint operations.

He is also the Fleet Commander's Global Maritime Adviser, contributing to the intelligence preparation of the battle space, wider regional engagement and theatre security cooperation.

COMUKMARFOR: ready to deploy and deliver maritime effect on operations.


Bob Tarrant

Bob Tarrant
Rear Admiral
Combined Task Force 150
Military experience

Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant was born in 1961 and joined the Royal Navy in 1979. During his service at sea he has held positions in both submarines and surface ships and commanded the nuclear powered submarine HMS Talent from 1997-99 and the Ice Patrol Ship HMS Endurance 2007-08.

He has a variety of operational experience from the Falklands Conflict in 1982 on board the destroyer HMS Antrim, numerous submarine patrols, two seasons in the Antarctic and periods of defence diplomacy off West Africa.

Ashore he has trained Junior Officers and been on the staff of Commander Submarine Force US Atlantic Fleet. More recently he has focused on the higher management of Defence developing Security Policy and Strategy and creating effective International and Political relationships.

After a tour as the Commodore Naval Staff, supporting the First Sea Lord in the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review developing the strategy for the future of the Royal Navy, he attended the Royal College of Defence Studies in London.

He then went on to be the Commander Combined Task Force 150, responsible for a multi-national maritime security operation extending from the Red Sea to the Gulf of Oman. Currently in post as Commander United Kingdom Maritime Forces and the EU Operation Commander for Atalanta which focuses on counter piracy operations in the Horn of Africa.

Bob is married with two children. Beyond professional duties, he focuses on his family.




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