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Leaving the Service

The Royal Navy recognises the transition from “warship to citizenship” can be an anxious and challenging time which involves far more than simply honing job finding skills. As such this section aims to assist Serving personnel in making a smooth and successful transition to civilian life.

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Government Services and Information

Resettlement Process

For all Service leavers who entered their resettlement period after 15 March 2010, JPA is to be used to register for resettlement and to manage your resettlement programme.

Service leavers should have their first interview with their IERO or SRA on entering their resettlement phase, which is two years before release or upon submitting notice.

Having been briefed by the IERO/SRA all personnel who are leaving the Service should answer YES to all three questions on JPA regarding their Resettlement.  This includes the question on releasing their information for use in statistics issued by the Department of Work and Pensions.

Career Transition Partnership

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is a partnering arrangement between Right Management Consultants and the Ministry of Defence created to successfully deliver enhanced resettlement services to all ranks and rates of the Armed Forces. The CTP website provides a plethora of information that focuses on issues ranging from housing to schooling from finances to relocation, alongside all aspects of eligibility, training, courses and available funding.

For further advice your first point of contact should be your local resettlement organization however further advice on financial assistance is available from the Naval Education Support section of this site and the website can offer guidance on your Curriculum Vitae, Job Seeking and Preparing for an Interview.

You might also wish to consider chatting to the White Ensign Association whose mission, as a Naval Charity, is to inform and provide guidance to all serving and former members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, their Reserves and also to their dependants on finance and personal administration, employment and resettlement on an unbiased, confidential and free basis.




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